Female Habits That Are Bad For Health

Another one from iVillage that spurred me to write – the 10 worst female health habits.

Wearing high heels and carrying heavy bags can cause all sorts of postural problems that make a body ugly.

Sleeping in makeup is just horrible. It leaves unsightly marks on the bedclothes and also turns you into a Panda overnight. What was sexy, now just looks cheap.

Wearing the wrong bra size means that your boobs go unsupported. This may be ok short term but, in the long run, you will bitterly regret it as you suffer postural problems and back ache before noticing that your nipples are level with your belly button! It can also be a reason for a nasty wrinkle in your sweater where it’s digging into your flesh.

Stressing gives you wrinkles and an unhappy outlook on life – it’s not nice being with someone who is worried all the time. And it’s catching!

Emotional eating also has repercussions for your health and appearance.

Ditto keeping up with the boys in drinking – usually it’s about insecurity and wanting to be accepted. But the side effects also show themselves in health and appearance.

The final habit is that of putting yourself last. Sometimes there is just not enough time or energy to look after yourself when you have seen to partner, offspring, parents, job, home, garden… We spread ourselves to thin and then we pay the price.

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