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Can You Make A Woman Multiple Orgasm?

One of the things I love about my relationship with Ruf is the way we can experiment.

Earlier this week, I was lying on my back with my leg on his shoulder whilst he was inside me, I flexed my hamstring and then pushed my heel up towards the ceiling.

‘Can you feel that?’

For me, it seemed to stretch my hip flexors and adductors – the strips of cartilege and muscle that connect your thigh to your pelvis and pubic bone.

For him, it constricted the muscles inside me so that they flattened down around him, pressing the spongy tissue that surrounds my G Spot onto his hard penis.

And, whilst we were midway through a wake-up wood, that moment became the start of a journey of exploration that lasted until well after lunch, taking us from him on top through me on top and finally to doggy fashion with the aid of the ‘My Secret Love Passion Pointer.

It’s a hand held electric massager, similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand but rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about the lead. Because the shaft of the device is so long, it can still be a bit cumbersome, but it’s the power that was the key here. My poor clitoris was being wobbled to within an inch of its life as Ruf plunged in and out of me from behind.

The secret to what happened next is actually contained in a small, rarely used jar that sits beside the bed.

"Durex Play O"Durex Play O is what I have learned to reach for when I’ve been rogered repeatedly for three days straight and my external bits are starting to reach that point where they shift between being over-sensitive and almost desensitised.

It’s not so much that they’re numb, just that they don’t respond so delightfully as they did when I first arrived because they’ve been over-stimulated. I have discovered that a small pea-sized blob of this innocuous looking gel spread around my clitoris and vulva can bring the old girl a whole new lease of life.

At first, it just feels cold at the point of contact. But then that chill starts to seep into the surrounding tissue. Now, like me, at first you may well think this is a bad thing. However, what it seems to do is make the area less sensitive. I know, I know, that seems to contradict what I said in the paragraph above.

What I’m trying to say is that you can be far rougher with your bits without it feeling unbearably uncomfortable but, at the same time, the neural pathways from your most erogenous zones to your brain just seem to be heightened.

As Ruf finally squirted his semen up my exposed back and directed the flow to ensure that the remnants trickled down between my butt cheeks, I knew that, even though I had lost count of the number of orgasms I’d already experienced that morning, there was still a lot more in the tank.

This is a facet of female arousal that I’ve only started to fully comprehend recently, since Ruf discovered the key to making me squirt by applying a lot of friction and pressure as he rubbed the area on the front wall of my vagina. Once that area gets warmed up, I am really smokin’ and, if I can just relax, the multiples will come.

Ruf can see the signs and, ever ready to comply with the unspoken desires of my body language, even though he was physically depleted, he grabbed hold of a long-standing favourite from the toybox – the Ann Summers Ultra 7. It’s been upgraded to the Ultra 10 Vibrator these days I believe, but we manage with just the seven settings. It is designed to look like a penis, complete with moulded head in blue gel"ultra 10"

When I first felt him pushing it inside me, he had not activated the vibration but just the action of penetration in combination with the lower setting of the Passion Pointer set my foot firmly on the path with the first climax. Rhythmically thrusting it into me so that he got that same sensation of friction and pressure that he usually manages to achieve with his fingers, I started to lose count as each peak and trough made its way from my nether regions to my brain.

I switched the Passion Pointer from low to high whilst he responded by activating the Ultra 7′s constant vibration and off I went. One after another until I was screaming like a banshee without a thought for the poor neighbours in the flat upstairs.

There was a point where I lifted up from the pillows onto my knees and looked back at him, plaintively shaking my head: ‘I can’t…’

It was an echo of an earlier moment when, riding him whilst I used my Vibratex Mystic Wand, I had flung the toy across the bed complaining that my poor brain just couldn’t cope with yet another climax.

This time, he was having none of it. ‘Oh yes you can,’ he instructed, as he pushed me back onto the supporting pillows and ramped up his thrusting. ‘Just relax and let it happen!’

Some time later, my convulsive grip released the handle of the Passion Pointer in an effort to stem the flow, but he just used his other hand to jam the whirring head against my vulva and redoubled his efforts. Each climax melded into the next until there was just a continuous tide of energy; a vortex looping around from between my legs to my brain and back again and I could hear the squelches punctuating the movement of the Ultra 7. Still not squirting, more of a series of gushes as the Skene’s glands refilled and expelled their contents in response.

I have no idea how long it went on for… or exactly how many of those waves washed over me but he finally relented because his arms were just too tired to carry on.

When I finally summoned the strength to pull myself from the catatonic state induced by all that activity, wiping the drool from my mouth and hair onto the pillow, I looked up to see him lying back on the bed with a satisfied grin.

You look so beautiful,‘ was all he said as he pulled the duvet over me and retired to the kitchen to make a rejuvenating cup of herbal tea.

Originally posted 2010-06-04 10:29:47. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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1 comment to Can You Make A Woman Multiple Orgasm?

  • It’s always possible for a woman to have multiple orgasms with and without toys. Heard that in certain cases, women can even have orgasm in non-sexual situation such as working out in the gym.

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