I thought I’d seen it all when I posted about Oculingus, but it seems there was more to come.

I learned recently about formicophilia, which is a specialised variant of zoophilia where the arousal and orgasm are stimulated in the paraphilic (paraphylic) through the sensations produced by being crawled upon or nibbled by small insects, such as ants, snails, frogs or other insects.

Apparently research has shown that “Children whose species-specific, juvenile sexual rehearsal play is thwarted or traumatized are at risk for developing a compensatory paraphilia“. But what on earth would possess anyone to have a fetish about exposing one’s genitals to the ministrations of small beasties?

However, unlike oculingus, which did not have too much information available on Google, this one seems to be rather more popular with over 49,000 pages devoted to the subject! And that includes formicophilia pictures and videos!

I have to say that the thought is certainly getting me aroused – just not in a good way!

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3 thoughts on “Formicophilia”

  1. With apologies to Gorilla Bananas who commented:

    It’s not so unthinkable, Joanna. Don’t a lot of people like to have their feet nibbled by fish?

    And AmyS who said

    That seems very strange to me. I suppose anything is possible in the world of sex!

    I had some issues with WordPress for this entry which, for some reason, declined to post the title of the piece! So I had to start again :(

  2. Formicophilia

    I was expecting it to be a bureaucrat’s fondness for paperwork!

    LOL, When I said the name to Ruf, he thought it was a love of kitchen worktop surfaces – formica

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