Sex and the City 2 Movie Review

"sex-and-the-city-2"I am quite surprised by the horrendous reviews that Sex and the City 2 seems to have received.

But the media machine is the reason that I ensured I got tickets for the first night it was out. I am so fed up with trying to avoid spoilers when I want to see a movie because there is nothing worse than knowing the best bits. Which is why this review will not be addressing the plot other than in passing.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the film, I was surprised to hear about the critical panning. So I sat down and read through a few.

Wow, there sure was some vitriol in there!

I think the thing that offended me most was the idea that it was somehow not ok for Samantha to be dealing with her Menopause so openly. As a woman of a certain age, who still wants to have lots of sex and is horrified by the way that hormonal imbalance is suddenly making that more difficult, I applaud the writer for allowing this natural phenomenon to be addressed in such an honest way.

Carrie’s storyline was also very revealing in that her relationship issues seemed to stem from her rather immature approach to life, a factor which was prevalent throughout the series and so it was unsurprising that two years into her marriage, she would hit some tricky points.

Every mother in the audience will have empathised with Charlotte’s feelings about the difficulties of raising babies in an age where we and they are supposed to be able to have it all without actually instilling any discipline into our offspring.

And Miranda’s work difficulties would have been felt by many career women.

The underlying theme of the film was just as it always has been throughout the series, dealing with relationships and talking through all the different scenarios and repercussions with your friends.

It would have been nice to have a little more input from the males who are integral to the story but at almost 2.5 hours, the film was long enough. Maybe next time… and I really do hope that there is a next time, despite the vituperative mauling from those who were paid to watch it.

All the other elements were there too – the ridiculous fashions and a healthy disrespect for the more rigid cultural taboos, all reinforced with a liberal helping of humour and it was great to see our heroines maturing gracefully. I really appreciated the fact that they looked as though they were aging along with the timelines of their alter egos. And it was great to see them continuing to learn life’s lessons whilst retaining their innate characters and goals.

It wasn’t a five star film, but I would certainly have given it three because it managed to cross the 30 year divide between a mother and daughter and give us lots of things to talk about over the next few months.

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7 thoughts on “Sex and the City 2 Movie Review”

  1. I took my staff on an after busy season outing to see the film yesterday (I have an accounting firm of all working mothers). I LOVED IT! For all the reasons you just said.

    Hey Elizabeth, What a great treat :) There were lots of all-female parties there on the night we went… but a lot of guys too and most people seemed to be enjoying the experience, judging by the laughter.

  2. You're welcome. I was talking with my daughter today and she said she heard people talking afterwards who didnt think the movie made sense. But we both agreed that if you were familiar with the series, everything fitted perfectly into place and it was all a lot of fun, after the angst of the first movie

  3. I have never understood what is so fascinating about Sex and the City – I have never watched any of the series. Maybe I'm missing out.

  4. Always been a massive fan of Sex And The City. Fab movie, thought that after such a gap it would be strange seeing our old friends again, but no as soon as the open credits kick in and you hear the familar voice over it’s like your four best friends have never been away.

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