Live Long and Prosper

iVillagehave a list of seven surprising things that could increase your life span and, whilst there’s a fair load of old codswallop in there, the overriding message is that enjoying your life is key.

Whether this be through the stimulating quality of the people around you socially, your religious belief or your own positive self esteem, if you can laugh and be content, you’re going to be able to prolong your life. Negativity and stress play a large contribution to the conditions that can cause your body to pack up and remove you from this mortal coil.

As Ruf and I step into 2013, a year that will make or break us, this positive attitude to life is something that we want to embrace. It would also be great to remove those individuals who cause stress and anxiety. Sadly, this is harder to do if they are not clients but family members. So, if we cannot avoid them, we have to find a way to deal with them more effectively and with less personal damage.

We also want to look after our health. I was concerned by the suggestion that being a little overweight could in the long term be more healthy, although I can see a certain amount of sense there since I have seen the ravages that time and illness can play on the body and watched the reduction in body fat that can ensue. But I am convinced that a healthy diet, combined with a lifestyle that contains sufficient active exercise are the keys here. It’s no good to be overweight if that excess flesh is caused by the reactions of the body’s metabolism to food which has been modified to ensure that we want to order more of it before we are actually really hungry.

So, here’s to 2013, the year I take back my life, get that divorce and embark upon a new phase of my relationship with my Ruf.

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7 thoughts on “Live Long and Prosper”

  1. Happy 2013 to you and Ruf ! I can certainly recommend all that you mention in your post – about removing the people in your life who make you unhappy, about doing things that you love to do, with the people who inspire you. I think its the way to a far happier life, and I hope that you achieve it, together. Sending love, and all good wishes to you xx

  2. Aging is scary to me! The longer you live, the lonelier you can get as the people you know leave one by one before you. As I’m going through this, I find my body no longer working as well as it used to be.

    Quality is better than quantity!

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