Smooth Words #1

For Smooth… because it would be too much of a shame for his Wants to be lost forever x

"smooth-words"I want to be walking through the hotel lobby with you, carrying your small case, savouring the scent of your musky perfume as I follow in your wake. We reach the lift and you push the button with a slender finger. The elevator doors slide apart and we step in, with two strangers following behind. The doors close and as we begin to ascend the other occupants are quietly talking to each other. I feel your hand slip into the loose pocket of my suit trousers and cup my balls through the thin lining; immediately I start to harden, and as your fingers grip around my swelling penis, easing it to stand upwards, I move closer towards you, pushing my body against yours. You’re moving your hand now, sliding your fingers up and down the underside of my shaft, trailing their tips onto my sack and round my balls, rubbing and caressing me. I can see your nipples rising, erect and pushing against the material of your bra and top, two small points that I want to lick and bite, but I have to just admire them without touching.

The chimes sound to signal our arrival at our floor, and as the doors slide back you slip your hand from my pocket; my groin pulsating, I pick up the small case and step out into the deserted hall. The elevator doors close and we’re alone in the long corridor, silent and carpeted – desperate for you, I push myself towards you but you’re already walking down the hall to our room. At the door, you pause, and lingeringly push the key into the slot as I press myself against you, my hard bulge pushed against your firm bottom; then the door is open and we’re inside. Walking across the room I drop the case and I’m oblivious to the furnishings and the view, with nothing on my mind other than the feeling of your cool hand on my cock in the lift. I approach you, but you put your hand against my chest and stop me, telling me to sit down and be patient. I do as you ask, and sit on a tall, armless easy chair, leaning back to watch you.

You’re standing just beyond arm’s-length from me, feet slightly apart, auburn red hair flowing over your shoulders, cotton top hanging loosely over your chests, your nipples visible through the material. Kicking off your shoes, your long slender fingers move to the top button and flick it open, revealing more of your creamy satin skin. Your hands move down your front, deftly twisting each button open in a single movement, and your top begins to drop open at the fourth button down, I can see the red satin material of your low-cut bra, your soft breasts rising and falling within it, the scalloped black lace trim tracing a line across you chests. You flick the last button open, and your top swings apart, you shrug it off your shoulders and it falls to the floor in a heap. I gaze at your silky skin, desperate to touch you and kiss you, the hot stiffness in my groin pulsating as the blood flows into it, pushing my trousers into a rigid tent. You kiss your fingertip and run it over your chin, down your slender neck, over your d├ęcolletage and between your breasts, before running it down across your stomach and provocatively down between your legs.

Slowly, you unzip your trousers at the side, slipping your fingers down and letting the material fall away from your hips; I’m breathing heavily as you push your hands inside and the waistband begins to move down over your navel, revealing matching knickers, red, satin and low-cut across your hips. As you lower your trousers to the floor, bending over but keeping my gaze with your gorgeous eyes, I can’t keep stop looking at you – your breasts, your face, your eyes, your hips, your navel – my eyes are racing around your body, trying to take it all in, wanting to look everywhere at once. You step out of your trousers and kick them away behind you, before standing up, briefly pausing to let me take it all in. Your long slender thighs topped by a flash of satin red with a puff of softness between your legs, your slim waist leading up to your half-cupped breasts, slim shoulders and beautiful features, surrounded by your flowing mane of fiery hair. You move towards me, and now you’re standing feet apart almost astride me, your navel inches from my face; I breathe in the heady scent of your sex as I look up your gorgeous body.

I sit forward and push my face into the soft material of your knickers, nuzzling your satin-covered mound, kissing the top of your thighs and running my tongue around the lacy seam, following it between your legs. You’re hot and wet already, I can feel the moisture from your lips oozing onto the fabric of your briefs. I push my fingers into the waistband of your pants and begin to pull them down, but you push me back into my seat and step back. My heart is frantically beating, and my groin throbbing and straining at my trousers as you step forward and drop to your knees, resting your hands on my thighs and then moving them up towards my hips. You lean forward and kiss me, thrusting your tongue deep into my mouth and pushing me backwards as your hands move together over my bulging trousers.

You twist the button undone, and slowly slide the zip of my fly down, still pushing your lips hard against mine and filling my mouth with the taste of you. I’m desperate for you – wild with desire after watching you slowly strip, and when you finally pull my trousers down over my hips and my erection springs free, I feel like I could burst there and then. Mouths still locked together, you look straight into my eyes as you take my rigid penis in both hands and pull down the shaft, sliding my foreskin back over the throbbing crimson head, glans already shiny with pre-come. Feeling you nod faintly as I savour your tongue, I take a firm handful of your hair, and pull your head back before pushing it down into my lap and thrusting my cock deep into your mouth. You moan softly as your mouth is filled with my hard flesh, and as you taste me you move your head further down, pushing your face into my lap, taking my full length.

I let go of your hair, and move my hands onto your body, running them over your back and shoulders, caressing you as your slide your lips up and down along my shaft. You’re moving forward and back slightly, pushing into my lap as you run your tongue along my erection, your lips trailing tiny bubbles of saliva along its length. I writhe as you flick your tongue-tip around the base of my cock, and I lean forward, pushing my hand inside your knickers and running a finger between the firm cheeks of your bottom. You arch your back, and then dip it, thrusting your behind further into the air, encouraging my fingers to their goal. Still working your mouth around my shaft, you wiggle slightly, allowing your knees to slide apart. The tip of my finger slips across your wetness, and between your lips, and I pull my hand towards myself, simultaneously thrusting my fingers deep into your hot cunt and pulling you onto me, driving my fat cock further into your mouth. I can feel the satin of your pants against the back of my hand, and a palmful of your firm buttocks which I squeeze, causing you to gasp. Your tongue is working harder and faster, and as I push my fingers in and out of your soft warm lips I can feel my stomach start to knot; you feel it too, though, and draw your lips away from my pulsing hard-on with a teasing kiss on its tip. Slightly susprised I look at you quizzically but you just run your hands up my chest, kiss me tenderly on the lips, and then with your hot breath on my ear you whisper “Not yet…I want you to fill me with it”.

You stand up and step backwards until you’re just out of reach, and then reach your hands up and run them through your wild hair, before slipping them down your neck, playfully over your chest, and down across your navel. Your fingers rest on your soft mound, and then move apart, tracing the line of lace trim across to your hips. I’m sitting in awe of your sexiness, my shaft bobbing back and forth as it pulses with each of my excited heartbeats; you slide your fingers into the waistband, and drag the flimsy knickers down over your thighs, slipping them over the soft mound of your mons to reveal your soft golden hair and just a hint of your pink lips. You let go of the underwear and it drops to the floor, your hands are already running back up your thighs, between your legs, touching yourself and running a wet finger up between your labia and through your hair, leaving a glistening trail of diamond droplets across your venus. You step towards me, and with thighs parted, legs either side of mine, you push your hips towards me, thrusting your soft mound of creamy hair onto my eager face. I run my hands up your thighs and around to your bottom, pulling your navel onto me.

With a mouth full of your hot dripping cunt, I lick and probe with my tongue, savouring the sweet taste of your nectar as it drips down from my chin. You shudder and squirm against my firm grip on your buttocks, wriggling as I tweak my tongue beyween your dripping lips. Eventually you can stand it no longer and begin to lower yourself down, dragging my mouth up across your stomach and onto your breasts, where I kiss and gently bite your nipples. You reach down and firmly grasp my penis, still slippery with the remains of your saliva, and slide my swollen throbbing glans across your sopping lips, before finally dropping down onto me, my cock thrusting deep into your hot soft void. You engulf me, surrounding my hardness with a warm wetness, your muscles clenching the solid length of my shaft. You raise and lower yourself, arching your back and pushing your chests against my willing lips and tongue, gyrating your hips and driving me further up inside you. Your arms around me, you pull yourself closer and we kiss again; I unclip your bra and flick it off your shoulders, casting it aside and relishing your total nudity. As you roll your hips I can feel my swelling move inside you and the softness of your mound pushing against the bone of my pelvis, my dark curly pubes intertwined with your soft pussy. My hands run up and down your back, feeling the twisting writhing knots of your muscles tightening and loosening with the shudders and waves of pleasure as they rock up your body. As you bounce harder and harder on my lap, my length slipping out of you and then plunging back up inside you, you’re gasping and biting my lips, until finally your legs stop lifting you as the buckle with tremors of your orgasm.

Your tightening spasming muscles on my shaft prove too much and I burst into you, a rush of hot come filling your cunt and joining us in a warm wet sticky slippery climax, before oozing back down between your lips, and over my balls, a mixed concoction of your sweet juices and my spunk running between both our legs. I flop back, sated and tired, still savouring the feel of you around my erection, your tiny aftershocks and tremors rushing up and down your spine as you lean onto my shoulder and kiss my neck, my cock still solid inside you, pulsing gently as we relax and enjoy the feelings of total togetherness.

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8 thoughts on “Smooth Words #1”

  1. Joe – I cannot claim the credit but Smooth is such a great writer that I didn’t want the words and stories to be lost forever. There will be more each week so I hope to satisfy even your voracious appetite… but it took reinforcements :)

  2. Joe, Fortunately, I now have a whole library of extras at my disposal, thanks to Smooth :)

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