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There are two nJoy Wands – a single curve with a ball at either end – and the Fun Wand that I had purchased – a sort of S shape that incorporates the curve of its sister with a series of nobbles that can be used either vaginally or anally for him or for her. "njoy Fun Wand"

The first thing you notice is the beautiful presentation. In a hinged black case emblazoned with ‘NJoy’, it looks like an expensive jewellery box, and opens to reveal a shocking pink satin lining that sets off the silver toy embedded within. It looks magnificent and when you withdraw it from its nest, the feel of it in your palm is just divine. Cool and weighty. A harbinger of the delights to follow.

Both wands are both beautifully crafted pieces of kit in 316 grade shiny polished stainless steel with the Fun Wand being lighter than the Pure at 340g, although it’s heavy enough that you really would not want to drop it on your foot.

The ball at the head of the 8.5 inch long ‘S’ is an inch in diameter and three inches in circumference, specifically designed to hit either the G Spot or the P Spot. At the other end, the three graduated, slightly pointed balls range from three-quarters of an inch at the tip to one inch further into the curve, specifically designed to help it slip in and out of the sphincter muscle with exquisite ease.

The steel can be heated in warm water or cooled in the fridge for an extra edge to the sensation but we are advised not to put it in the freezer.

Keeping the tool clean after the fun stuff is a doddle because the steel is so smooth and non-porous and can be fully submerged in warm water but, again, there is a special proviso about not using abrasives as these will scratch the beautiful shine.

I think the thing I remember most is the way it can be used in conjunction with cunnilingus. My lover’s lips and tongue licking away at my sweet nothings whilst his hand used the Wand to beat a tattoo on my G Spot that had me reeling and squealing to a climax in no time.

And then turning me over to apply the other end to my pert derriere. Taking his time over the insertion of each little ball – the point of the tip facilitating the initial entry, through the medium sized slightly elongated ball and then the piece de resistance of the largest, roundest knobble.

The nJoy Fun Wand may be expensive, but it’s worth every penny to be on the receiving end of such a beautifully designed and effortlessly efficient device.

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2 thoughts on “nJoy Wand”

  1. Congratulations on your njoy. We’ve had one for a couple of years and it is our number one go-to toy because it is just so versatile. We even took an end each once, although that requires somewhat of a feat of contortion!

  2. I read that it was possible but I had no idea how to even attempt one end each. Well done you two! x

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