Period Pants and the Feminine Napkin

"Sanitary towel comparison"This article about women’sphysiological response to sanitary towels rather perplexed me.

Is someone suggesting that it might be better to use mesh sanitary towels rather than the non-woven feminine napkin to which we are all accustomed?

I can remember, when I first started my periods, being most disgruntled that I couldn’t wear one of those belt affairs like my mother used to – naturally, I am somewhat wiser these days.

However, the idea of having to put something that looks like a pan scourer into my pants to soak up the excess blood of Aunt Flow is pretty much guaranteed to cause me a certain amount of mental anguish. If I understand the extract correctly, they measured the reactions in terms of blood pressure and saliva secretions for women who were actually made to wear such a monstrosity.

It’s the genital equivalent of a hair shirt for heaven’s sake. It must have been incredibly itchy and unpleasant down there so it’s not really surprising if they had a measurable physiological reaction!

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3 thoughts on “Period Pants and the Feminine Napkin”

  1. …plus it would give you a nasty case of VPL in your skinny jeans.

    P.S I’ve changed my view on the John Lewis ad… I did a bit of research… well, originally I wasn’t listening to the lyrics of the song and I think what it’s trying to say is that women are all things whatever image they seem to exude, and that whoever they are then John Lewis is there for them. But knowing me I will probably revise this opinion – look what you’ve started!

    LOL, I hadn’t thought of that aspect!

    I just love Waitrose – the food branch of JL – and I found myself humming the tune in my head as I shopped for food that would satisfy a vegan and a woman who hates peppers. It was a long and difficult search :)

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