Brits Twice As Likely To Sleep Nude Than Yanks

There is a television advertisement that reminds us of Marilyn Monroe’s famous response when asked what she wore to bed.

‘Just a few drops of Chanel No 5′

iVillage have done it again with an article that caught my attention about the sleeping habits of the British vs their American cousins.

Apparently, 30% of Brits sleep in their birthday suits. Ruf is amongst them for most of the year. When it gets really cold, he does don a tshirt, longjohns and socks. For myself, I love being naked. I even wash up, hoover and dust without clothing wherever possible. However, staying warm whilst I am asleep is a problem. I have an electric blanket so that it is at least warm when I get in. But, as the autumn draws in, I find myself donnig a variety of different sleepwear.

Pyjamas and ‘sacks’ as Ruf likes to call them – voluminous cotton tshirts – and socks.

He doesn’t care. He just doesn’t want my cold feet on his warm legs.

The article talks about how sleeping naked can help with health and confidence.

I love our skin against each other as we spoon ourselves to sleep.

But then the blanket has to stay on all night and I won’t sleep because I’m worried about electrical fires.

Not so good for health or confidence.

So what do you wear to bed?

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4 thoughts on “Brits Twice As Likely To Sleep Nude Than Yanks”

  1. Once in a while, I sleep naked, but I cover myself with a blanket to prevent catching cold, because sometimes it can suddenly get cooler in the very early hours in the morning.

  2. Well, as temps are dropping to -15 F ( -26 C ) tonight and tomorrow, I’m guessing socks, some underwear (they’re really a swimsuit, but they are really comfortable), sweat pants, a tee shirt, a thermal shirt, a bigger thermal shirt, another larger thermal shirt, possibly my sweatshirt with a hood.
    Now, if it was Summer? Just the swimsuit. Naked if all four of them are dirty.
    But I always liked sleeping naked with a gal. Didn’t mind the cool foot thing, because it would wake me up, and i would roll over and say, “well…….do you want to go to slepp or what?”
    And they would always say, “what?”
    So we would what well into the night, sometimes.

    Fact is.. I kind’a miss the cold feet.

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