Premium Personal Lubricant

When I first heard about Astroglide X, I guess my first question was ‘What’s the difference between a Premium Personal Lubricant and the regular variety?’

Further investigation seems to suggest that premium tends to equate to silicone based and is for those who demand high performance products to enhance their love lives.

Well, last Saturday morning that was Ruf and me. I was extremely horny but rather uneasy at the prospect of engaging in sexual relations with the threat of a further kidney infection hanging over me. And, in addition, I was aware of a sore patch at the entrance to my vagina. It had been troubling me for a couple of weeks – since the last time that we enjoyed each other. It’s definitely an area that has become unsettled over the last year, possibly related to a certain amount of thinning caused by the lack of oestrogen in Menopausal women.

However, sexually, I had reached the point where I had an itch that needed scratching. My libido was constantly poking me about the presence of the fabulous man lying next to me in the bed and the knowledge that he wasn’t going to be there for much longer as our holiday was drawing to a close. Ever adaptable, my mind worked on the problems in hand and came up with a couple of solutions. In order to stop the possible spread of Candida between us, a condom was going to be required, along with a very soothing and slippery lubricant to prevent further damage or discomfort to my unsettled nether regions.

"vaginal-thinning"Fortunately for me, in the box beside the bed were a couple of samples from some very kind suppliers. The Durex Real Feel condom (more on this fabulous invention next week) and some Astroglide X – the premium personal lubricant in their range.

On opening the sachet, what I noticed immediately was how very runny it was, spilling off my fingers and onto the bedsheets. I am a big fan of the other Astroglide varieties but none of them is quite as thinly liquid as X. It was like a sort of smooth water, totally clear and did not leave any residue or discolouration on the white sheet once it had dried. Like her sisters, it is fragrance-free, non-irritating and latex-safe.

I helped Ruf into the condom and lubed him up vigorously, before applying the same attention to myself and ensuring that the lubricant went inside me to protect that most delicate part of my anatomy. A few minutes later, as he slid into me, it still felt a little uncomfortable but was bearable due to the slippery action of the lube encouraging him forwards over the irritated bit. Because Astroglide X is a blend of the high quality silicone-based skin conditioners Cyclomethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane, it really is extraordinarily silky.

Being so conscious of the possibility that the experience wasn’t going to be as enjoyable as usual, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be as pleasant as it was and so the orgasm was something of a surprise, especially as Ruf – supremely aware of the delicacy of his situation – was hardly moving. But all the reviews I have since read specifically referred to the heightened sensuality and mutual stimulation levels, as well as prolonged performance. And they were definitely not wrong. His withdrawal was nowhere near as problematic as the entry due to the soothing effect on the sensitive area.

It really was quite luxurious and I can thoroughly recommend Astroglide X if you are having any difficulties with penetration due to vaginal thinning…

It was also very effective as an aid to masturbation, as we discovered when we removed the condom to finish Ruf off. Much longer lasting than the water-based variants in the range.

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  4. An exciting blog and a very good read, thank you.

    The Astroglide is a fantastic product and growing very popular in demand, although its not the only thing that grows when intrduced correctly.

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