Playground Parenting

Now this piece from iVillage really made me smile as I cast my mind back almost two decades to my own playground parenting.

The Leach is someone you dread seeing because you know she will suck the energy out of you as she corners you and then bangs on and on about her personal life in such a frenzy that you can’t get a word in edgeways to even make your excuses!

The Stalker is almost worse – she wants your child to do everything with her child and, if you so much as mention that you’re thinking of booking something, her child will be on it in a flash so that they can play together. She ends up on holiday at the same venue at the same time too. Scary!

The PA – avoiding duty on the PA can be almost impossible unless you have a very thick skin. And once they have their claws into you, it can be very hard to get out of as you find yourself lumbered with ever more duties because you couldn’t find a way to say no to these practiced delegators.

Parking on yellow lines and zigzags at schools are one of my bugbears… but, basically, there is very little that you can do about it as a parent. If you try to remonstrate with the persistent offenders, you just get a mouthful of abuse. They just cannot understand that these empty stretches of road are that way for a reason – and it’s not to provide them with a personal parking space so they don’t have to get any marks on their Jimmy Choos…

There is always a clique – often comprised of many of the zigzag serial offenders. Honestly, you really don’t want to be in it!

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One thought on “Playground Parenting”

  1. I SO hate Cliques. I’ve been is a few clubs and every single one was run by a clique of know it all, self opinionated, loud mouths that are quite sure the world is there for them and them alone. As a single father bringing up my daughter from age three I did not fit in…and so neither did my little girl. As a parent that made my blood boil..not for me because I dont give a fuck…but for my little one.

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