The Girl of My Best Friend

It’s happened a couple of times in my life.

His friend, the besotted eyes and the frisson in the pit of my stomach to know that someone loved me like that.

He would do anything for me, look out for me, bring me drinks and snacks without even being asked. He cared about me in a way that my beau did not.

Some might say he was a fool. Others that he could not choose where he loves, only listen to his heart.

Whilst kissing my lover, I would look over his shoulder to see that poor man watching us. Our eyes would meet and lock and I could almost hear his pain.

He would never try to steal me away because he valued his friend too much.

But he stayed and waited… and hoped.

Hoped that I would one day see the light and understand that he loved me more. That I had more in common with him. That he would make a better lover.

And love him back… as more than just a good friend.

On one occasion, I did make that choice.

It destroyed their friendship of years and ate away at any chance the new relationship could have had.

The price of his dream was too high.

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