OverRated: Milk and Alcohol

I have issues with alcohol.

Sometimes I forget that I have… but then something happens in life that reminds me that I do.

A residue of my relationship with my father means that I have a deep-seated revulsion to watching a man I care about sit and drink himself into oblivion. Not puking but gradually losing himself, the person I love, in the soporific fug that over indulgence brings.

Is it just a man thing? This need to keep drinking until they are incoherent and lose all co-ordination? And then fall asleep where they fall, snoring contentedly?

Don’t get me wrong, I like a drink. I have been known to get ratarsed on my own as a single person… but not on a regular basis. I don’t need large quantities of alcohol to get me through a night on my own or to help me to enjoy myself.

However, when my lover, who has done so much to boost my self-esteem, has a few drinks and then suddenly starts remarking in public about something that makes me very insecure, it can serve to make all the marvellous progress falter. And make me doubt my very decision to hitch my star to his.

I spent too long with someone who would do that without a second thought to allow myself to remain in another relationship where that is possible.

Ruf and I have had words.

Milk is a different problem but I still have an issue with it because, for the last two decades, it has made me snotty, so I have gradually eradicated all dairy from my diet and feel much better for it.

However, my distaste was made worse by my children’s craving for the white stuff and their father’s insistence on fulfilling that need, when it had become obvious that both my offspring have an intolerance for it which shows itself in them as a build-up of nasal mucus leading to perpetual sniffing and ear infections. For him, it is another reason for the loudest of snores overnight. But, of course, he refuses to admit that he is snoring at all and so the latte he drinks before each bedtime cannot possibly be the cause.

Despite my reasoning to the contrary, he would make them big mugs of comforting hot chocolate and hot milk at every opportunity, fill the fridge with clotted cream and buttery puddings… and then leave me to stay up all night and deal with the resulting ear infections, which antibiotics will not teach because they are not bacterial infections but allergic reactions.

I have issues with both milk and alcohol.


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6 thoughts on “OverRated: Milk and Alcohol”

  1. My great-grandparents allowed my grandparents to drink wine from an early age, in the belief that they wouldn’t be tempted to over-indulge when older (because it’s an “adult” thing). This has been passed on, and for the most part, it’s worked. I get a lot of “pushback” from some friends about this because, in the US, they have drug & alcohol awareness programs (which don’t really work that well); my friends say that I’m sending the wrong message. I try to tell them that when kids see something forbidden, they automatically want to try it – no matter what they write in a coloring book.

    Not all men drink to get drunk, and not all who get a buzz say or do embarrassing things; however people do seem to be pre-disposed to acting certain ways, and you really have no way of knowing. I guess as long as they understand the *potential* for problems, they can make informed decisions. And you being aware of it, can do the same.

    Yes, Tom, Im the same as you because my parents did the same thing. Far better to experience it in a controlled environment. I had a friend who was forbidden alcohol. Her father would lock the drinks cabinet when he went out. As a result, every party we went to as 15 year olds saw her rolling around in various states of inebriated undress with whoever wanted to lay hands on her.

    I do worry about my own kids tho. They have had similar access to alcohol but now it is alcopops which are a hideous invention, because they get you drunk much more quickly and with far less warning, as well as being addictive because they are so sweet. Then there is the drugs mix to add into the equation as well :(

  2. One of the few pleasures left is a glass of ice-cold organic whole milk with dinner.

    A gentle buzz from a chi chi is as far as I go.

    I know it tastes good but it causes too many problems. Even soya milk is not totally effect-free :(

  3. Well I didn’t know that milk can cause snoring!!! I wlawyas thought it was just the booze.

    LOL, Well it can be a combination of both too :)

  4. I had far too many issues with alcohol over too many years and ultimately decided I no longer wanted to use it. It took time to kick but now it has been 13 years and I honestly don’t miss it except for two things: single-malt scotch and fine cognac. Oh well.

    “O demon alcohol …
    Sad memories I can’t recall.”
    – The Kinks

    Cant abide perfumed whiskey, I far prefer Jamesons… but Im really a brandy girl. That’s my drug of choice :)

  5. i also have lactose intolerance that is why i always avoid dairy products.’.`

    Hey Zoe, It’s a bit of a pain isnt it, but a worthwhile one in the long run.

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