Tiger Texting – The iPhone Adultery App

So, further to my post extolling the virtues of online cheating, I was reading The Times magazine from a few weeks ago when I found an article about this interesting new bit of kit.

Apparently, if both parties download this free iPhone app, they can exchange messages using the Tiger Text program which allows you to specify the time period that the message is allowed to stay on each phone – this can be from as little as one minute to a maximum of five days.

However, the only problem with this is that if it becomes known as the Adultery App, trying to justify its existence on your phone could be just as problematic as trying to explain away an incriminating text.

Married but want more.....?

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Texting – The iPhone Adultery App”

  1. Yet another reason to get an iPhone! They just need to add a feature to that App that allows one to rename it and change the icon. You know, for educational purposes…

    LOL, Well they do seem to be on top of their game in all areas so it wouldnt surprise me if that was the next feature :)

  2. Online adultery?
    Maybe, but then, considering how wide spread the internet connection is, whether your intentions are pointed to Texas or the Philippines, it is such a distance that “adultery” doesn’t fit.
    I realize that on a local level (or say the British Isles, perhaps an online connection could go to meetings. But to poor artists in Indiana, the connections are much more limited. Even a trip to Chicago (where an interested party lived) was out of the question.
    Blogs, however, seem to have a very close connection without actually being in touch with the flesh of the intention (ah, waiting diligently for scratch and sniff screens, are we, boneman?)
    That is to say, I entertain some who wander by with my words, and though short of a shower with a pretty gal, it still remains a nice way to enjoy “sex” without any worries at all about being “found out”

  3. boneman, I did enjoy some online adultery in the past. It felt safer than the real thing and somehow not quite as bad.

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