SEX – How To Do Everything… With Em and Lo

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to watch a preview of the first episode of
SEX: How To Do Everything
. The subject matter was Oral Sex and, arriving late Ruf’s empty flat, I began watching on my own.

However, it was such great fun and full of so much information that, when he arrived back from work half-way through, I made him sit down and watch the rest of it with me.

This is a groundbreaking ten-part series featuring renowned sexperts, Em and Lo, who are determined to whip your sex life into seriously seductive shape.

The series is aimed equally at both men and women, singles and couples. Combining the best of taboo-free sex advice with street interviews, expert commentary, and most importantly, how-to demonstrations by professional models illustrating a variety of both well-known (and some scandalously obscure) sex techniques, each episode features authoritative, straightforward advice on orgasm, seduction, roleplay, sex toys and other topics.

Em and Lo live in New York City and are active contributors to numerous national publications, such as New York Magazine, Glamour, and Men’s Health. They publish a regular advice column for, and other online publications, as well as on their web site,

So, don’t be afraid of some explicit explorations of sex in every flavor – SEX: How To Do Everything is a fun-loving series designed to get you having better sex and more of it.

The most amazing thing from my perspective is that, for a dvd aimed at the American market, the majority of the participants in the first episode were British. Ruf and I were laughing our socks off at the people talking about 69-ing in Birmingham City Centre. It was so strange to see our countrymen and women, who are normally so villified for their repressed stiff upper lip, actually talking about sex on tv for the edification and education of you Americans :P Fabulous :)

We have had a couple of sex programmes in the UK shown on Channel 4 over the last few years which have been very informative. Sex Tips For Girls was always on very late but it was certainly instrumental in pushing me to want to improve my various techniques and strategies. However, it still managed to make the process itself a bit girly and giggly and, well… extracurricular. I don’t think it helped that I didn’t feel much of a rapport with any of the people involved.

Sex:How To Do Everything took the best bits of that type of programme and mixed it with some proper real life action, so you could see the resident practical couple actually putting the things they had learned in the programme into practice and then talking about what worked for them afterwards.

Dougie and Georgie were very important. They are not supermodels, just normal people who are easy on the eye without making the viewer feel totally inferior. They also have a nice chemistry together and seem like a regular couple who want to make the best of their relationship, both physically and mentally. It also helped that Em and Lo seemed to have got the giggly girl ratio right, but this was complemented by the feeling that they really had experienced what they were talking about.

This week Georgie (that’s the girl for anyone who is confused) and her friend went off to visit Midori, a well-known sex educator, to get advice and tips about giving the best fellatio.

Watching Midori slink across the room as she focussed on approach and eye contact and then put a condom onto a strap-on with her mouth should make the cost of the dvd worthwhile in itself :)

And, no, I’m not going to give away any more of the fabulous tips I learned… but, let’s just say, that Ruf has been very appreciative of the whole exercise and is quite happy for me to preview and review any other sex education dvds or manuals that anyone wants to point in our direction.

The programme set out to make sex seem open, fun and totally natural, rather than smutty, dirty and something to be hidden away. My personal view is that this is an incredibly important message that we need to put out there if we want to see a real shift in public perception and reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and STDs.

Until February 28th, my US readers can preview the first episode online and then apply the cost of their ticket ($4.98) to a purchase of the complete series, if they want to see more. Click here to go to the online screening room:

For non-US customers, click here to find out more about the set of dvds.

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