Cunt Licking

"cunt-licking"She didn’t used to like it when I expressed the desire to give her a good cunt licking but I have persisted.

She didn’t used to like me being down there.

Previously, I would push her back on the bed or sofa, forecfully spread her thighs and just lead with my nose. Truth be told, that can be a bit tough on a guy’s neck, even when I prop her bum up on pillows.

So I have developed a new technique that I particularly want to indulge and refine today.

I’m lying next to her but with my head pointing towards her feet. My hand is between her legs with one finger on either side of her labia majora and the middle finger resting along the length of her cunt.

Just lying there with the lightests of pressures on the cleft between the two outer lips – she likes that.

‘You feel a bit sweaty’ I remarked but we both know that it’s not just sweat.

Every so often I would drag that finger up the curly extreme tips of the labia minora from bottom to top and squeeze the labia majora so that they compress those inner lips and cause them to open just slightly so I can see the moistness inside.

She’s holding my cock, not wanking it, just holding it comfortingly as it hardens within her grasp.

It’s companionable and it’s intimate.

And then I roll across her belly, pinioning her as I push her legs apart and dive into the moisture, flat tongued and attack it. Slurping and lapping from top to bottom. Sucking all that glorious little fucking hole before pushing aside the hood and holding it back with one hand to concentrate on the clitoris with my tongue – either going around it which, being upside down, would be anti-clockwise the way I’m looking at it.

What she really likes is when I lick across it so that she feels as if it’s going from her top left to bottom right. Too much and too fast and she becomes jittery as it gets too much. So it’s a skill to keep it just the right pressure and frequency to keep her motor running and her body lubricating itself.

All the time she’s holding my cock and, whilst I lick at her exposed bean, I use the fingers of my other hand to trace her cunt, the outline of the opening along the labia minora, making sure that I scoop in at the lower portion where it meets the opening of the vagina.

Flicking across all the lips with one finger, going up and down and then round and then back to flicking, sometimes with two or three fingers. Licking across the angle again, top left to bottom right because she likes that. I know that Im going to finger her and she knows that she’s going to finger fucked – but is not quite sure when. She wants it to be now, but I prefer to make her wait. Tormenting and taunting her, by getting closer and closer to insertion.

And then I put my finger tips in just slightly.

Flicking her bean with my tongue and sucking a little, all the time just millimetring towards entering her with my fingers. She likes that and her grasp on my cock tightens encouragingly.

Tickling the tight muscles at the entrance with the accompaniment of my tongue on clit action, she’s getting more and more moist.

As my fingers go in a little further, I’m still circling the area until eventually I push them in and start come hithering (as they say in those books) on that special spongey part inside the vagina. She calls it tapping her G Spot. And all the time I lick her clit as everything gets wetter and wetter, accentuating her desire.

Her grip on my cock is still not wanking it, but holding it just tight enough to keep the blood in there – a cock ring of just the right strength and proportions. It feels mighty fine.

And then the results of my finger fucking and clit licking combine and the liquid pours out of her as I lap it up. Burying my face in it and slurping up the juices of my endeavours.

Kneeling up, I raise her left leg over my right shoulder as I enter her so that it’s kind of from behind. That’s her favourite. And when I fuck her, she creams all over my cock in big thick globs that I can see each time I withdraw and thrust back in.

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  1. FC, I dont know if Heather is the same but I love the variety of flavours depending on what’s happening with my body at the time. Sometimes fishy, sometimes metallic and this time just very much me :)

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