Playing Away

A survey of the 1.9 million accounts on Ashley Madison revealed that the women who were most likely to commit adultery were teachers, housewives, nurses, administrative assistants and estate agents, whereas for men, the most adulterous professions were doctors, policemen, lawyers, estate agents and engineers.

As a woman, I would say that what most of those female careers have in common is a lot of work and responsibility for very little appreciation and reward. To me, it signifies a lot of women who are personally dissatisfied and feeling unworthy going to AM to try to find someone who can put some sense of emotional value back into their lives.

For the men, the top three are positions of responsibility that come with a fair degree of public displeasure in terms of their professional ability and commensurate remuneration.

I recall a group of bankers being questioned as to why they were joining Illicit Encounters – a married dating site in the UK. It would seem that, in the current economic climate, a lot of them took very personally the general feeling of opprobrium against them from the country as a whole. Lacking any affirmation of value from their wives, they actively went out and sought it from members of the opposite sex in a similar position. That is, another married person so that the rules were set in place and it would be very unlikely to result in some form of Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction scenario.

I guess the same can be said for real estate agents, who appear in the top five of both male and female lists. The common perception is that they do very little to aid the process of buying and selling homes and then charge a large fee. That must gradually permeate the psyche of many of them and, combine that with a job that leaves them lots of time to think about their unhappiness as well as the ability to pursue day-time liaisons. Well, you have a profession that has the motive and the means to play away.

Married but want more.....?

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2 thoughts on “Playing Away”

  1. hhmmmm….maybe my new real estate agent who’s doing my house inspection is cute and I can help him fill out his fantasties, lol. I’ll bet he’s gay like the rest of them!

  2. To me this survey means that as a societal phenomenon, marriage is failing spectacularly at providing satisfactory levels of happiness and personal satisfaction.

    Note that 200 years ago, marriage wasn’t about happiness or personal growth. Life is so much more about pleasure, convenience (that we like to admit it or not) and emotional entitlement today. No wonder marriage isn’t up to the task for many people, especially if the woman has a career on top of being a wife and a mom.

    Finding our path to happiness in the context of our relationship with our partner is the challenge. If we can find it, then we can have our cake and eat it too.

    That and a pretty pony.

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