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"avanti-condom"Back then, we tried Durex’s Avanti condom range. It was horrible – but still better than the other brand available at my local Family Planning Clinic which made Ruf’s pride and joy look as if it was encased in a cellophane wrapper like some kind of gift-wrapped confectionery. All it needed was a coloured ribbon. The Durex Avanti was a little more stylish but seemed to be made of some type of vinyl which meant that it stretched with movement and so didn’t fit well. It was a bit like shagging a plastic bag and often reminded me of one of the cling-film covered cold sausages that I occasionally put in my kids’ lunchboxes for school.

As I wrote in my piece about Real Feel Condoms, Ruf has always hated using prophylactic protection as he finds it very difficult to climax when he cannot ‘feel’ properly and my problems with latex have meant that I am similarly unenthusiastic.

However, when the lovely people at Durex asked if I would like to try their new non-latex Avanti Ultima condoms, I remembered the above review and agreed to give them the once over.

To start with, I really love the classy purple packaging, although I was a bit concerned when Ruf ripped open the packet with his teeth and, even though these new condoms are advertised for their strength, I wouldn’t advise such a method for anyone who is particularly concerned about contraception or health safety as it could well damage the contents. But, being as we were playing pirates, it seemed to fit with the mood. (More on that on Thursday!

This new model of the Avanti condom is classically shaped with the standard teat end but it is made of a revolutionary new material – synthetic polyisopropene – which is totally different from the old polyurethane version. Transparent, incredibly soft and much thinner than latex condoms, Ruf was smiling from the moment that I began rolling its 205mm down the length of his cock, especially as it didn’t go right to the base – they are made extra long to avoid the possibility of slippage.

As I understand it, this new model has a nominal width of 56mm, which fitted him really snugly all the way down the shaft and, at 0.05mm, the material was so thin that I could see and feel all Albert’s little clefts and prominences as clearly as if he were naked.

It was easy to put on and there was no ‘smell’, which I remember so strongly from previous latex condom experiences.

When, for the third time in 12 hours, Ruf rolled me onto my back, climbed on and pushed his way inside me, it was almost effortless as each condom contains a non-spermicidal lubricant – which gets it another big tick when it comes to allergy sufferers but should be borne in mind in the unlikely event of an accident. But, better still on the sex and Menopause front, the soft casing around the head of his penis caused less friction upon entry and the delicate area just inside my opening, which has caused so much discomfort over the last few weeks, was unaffected.

I put my feet on his calves, whilst using my core strength to lift myself into a yogic bridge to facilitate his angle and the effects were breath-taking. He wrapped one arm around my hips to pull me in even closer and began thrusting deep inside me. From the accompanying groans, it was obvious that he could feel every twitch and clench of my internal muscles with just as much clarity as if he had been bare-back and, in a denouement that allowed him to fulfil his goal of remaining in situ for his climax, there is no doubt that Avanti Ultima were an extraordinarily successful discovery for us, from both a male and female point of view.

Following on from the review of the Durex Real Feel, I have to say that this new material could really get rid of the ‘but I can’t feel anything’ excuse from many men’s repertoire and make safe sex with condoms a thoroughly acceptable option – especially as it gets rid of a major contributor to the ‘wet patch’.

But for those women who struggle with sex and Menopause due to the erosion of the vaginal walls through decreased oestrogen, using this type of avanti condom could prove to be a godsend.

Highly Recommended!

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14 thoughts on “Avanti Condom”

  1. Nice to hear that ol’ Ruf is firing off inside you! I seem to remember he was having problems doing that even without a condom. Perhaps the coochie exercises you’ve been doing deserve some of the credit.

  2. MrB, Ruf had no problems, he just wasn’t allowed to because of the contraception risk! These new avanti condoms could solve all that… :)

  3. Great review! I loathe condoms too as have had allergic reactions in the past with some but they are pretty essential and with teens in the house, I always keep some in the bathroom cabinet in case her (or her friends) need any.

    I know the contraception issue has been a long ongoing topic for you Joanna but I’ve not spotted the post yet that says why you’ve decided to not be sterilised?

    I opted for this when I was about 30 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The surgery was in the morning and I went home to recover in the afternoon. I don’t remember there being much pain, it was just uncomfortable – I had more issues getting over the anaesthetic which knocked me out a goodun.

    We used additional contraception for a while and once I stopped worrying I’d get pregnant, which I seemed to be able to do a the drop of a hat, I didn’t look back. :)

  4. Hey Sarah, This issue was discussed but, at my advanced age and with the ‘imminence’ of Menopause, the doctor didn’t think it was worth the discomfort and cost of a surgical procedure for such a short timeframe…. *insert your own grimacing smiley here*

  5. Hum. I never had latex issues, so I used condoms my entire sex life, from 15 up to this current 34 year old, well I may never have sex again period of my life.

    One slip, when (as the stats on condom safety include, we just didn’t use one and got a daughter) and a few lucky escapes in my stupid teens, but all was well.

    My husband always used Durex Featherlite and didn’t find the lack of sensitivity an issue. Didn’t bother me neither.

    Obviously the latex sensitivity is nothing to be sneezed at, but when men complain of not liking them… well… I have to tisk. In comparison to messing yourself round with hormones, it’s a fairly small deal. I find it hard to sympathise, I have to admit.

    My brother is one of these creatures too – his gf recently told me that she was waiting for her next contraceptive cycle after a small hiatus, and he couldn’t get it up in a condom, so she’d grown all her body hair in protest at the dry spell :)

  6. Oh! I got the dry/sore thing when breastfeeding for a while – willing spirit, uncomfortable flesh… Udo’s Oil helped immensely, it’s a hormone balancer among lots of other things. Also Agnus Castus tincture. Also homeopathy…

    Ah, I hope the phase goes fast for you one way or another.

  7. Hey Jo, I shall keep those in mind. I did try Red Clover tea to regulate the hormones but I have a horrible feeling it was overdosing on that which caused my sudden spotting.

    My ex and I also used Featherlite for many years without any allergic problem and got pregnant only when we didn’t use them but, once the allergy kicked in after I had the kids, I didnt want to push my luck by using them too often.

    When the doctor suggested that sterilisation was probably using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, ie overkill for the small amount of fertile time remaining, Ruf and I discussed contraception at length. I was not prepared to go on the Pill or have anything to do with hormones so close to my Menopause, which is why I had the smallest copper IUD fitted – only to expel not one but two through the strength of my Kegels, at which point I just gave up and hoped for the best.

    To be fair to Ruf, I hated the condoms too and it wasn’t a case of not being able to get it up but not being able to get it to come down again with a satisfactory resolution for him…

    However, I do love the body hair defence, although that would make absolutely no difference to Ruf as he cares not a jot about such peripheral matters :)

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