Vaginal Orgasms

“The anatomy and function of the G-spot remain highly controversial. Ultrasound studies of the clitoral complex during intercourse have been conducted to gain insight into the role of the clitoris and its relation to vagina and urethra during arousal and penetration.

Results. The coronal section demonstrated that the penis inflated the vagina and stretched the root of the clitoris that has consequently a very close relationship with the anterior vaginal wall. This could explain the pleasurable sensitivity of this anterior vaginal area called the G-spot. Conclusions. The clitoris and vagina must be seen as an anatomical and functional unit being activated by vaginal penetration during intercourse.”

I found this study a few days before my visit to Ruf but it got me to thinking and so, whilst we were indulging our mutual passion, I started a bit of experimenting.

If the penis can inflate the vagina so that the root of the clitoris is stretched, pushing it even closer to the anterior vaginal wall and increasing the effectiveness of the ‘g spot’, it stands to reason that if you can help the process of that stretching by flexing your hips and spreading your knees and thighs as wide as possible, then the resulting sensations are only going to be improved.

In my search for the elusive squirt, I will leave no stone unturned and this seemed like an extremely promising avenue of research.

And so it was that I allowed him to enter me from behind on the first night. We were supposed to be cloning his willy before we had sex but I fell victim to my ‘treacherous cunt’ – it just felt too good as he teased his cock along the outer lips of my labia. I had to have him in me.

Placing my knees wide, I ensured that I splayed myself as optimally as I could, invoking every yoga lesson I have ever learned. With my bandhas engaged to support my back, I stopped fighting and just permitted his gentle entrance. Teasingly slowly, he moved in and then out, a fraction of a centimetre at a time, allowing me to feel the entire length.

Squeezing my muscles tightly around him, I felt the first of the vaginal orgasms begin at the second stroke and it didn’t take many of these rhythmic penetrations to build up a tantalising pressure that saw us climax simultaneously. It may not sound like much but it was one of the most intense experiences from so very little thrusting.

The following morning, Ruf was not to be denied and he moved me from position to position as I put my theories into practice. Holding on to my open knees and forcing them downwards, I encouraged him into me from missionary. Then, with one leg straight, my toes pointing skywards to keep all the muscles right up to my hip active and the other bent up against my chest. Later, turned slightly onto my side with one foot on his shoulder and the opposite thigh tight against my belly.

Each penetration was designed to achieve the desired clitoral stretching and every stroke sent a pulse through the aroused g spot on that anterior wall. I could hear myself squelching. It was like coming with every pump – on the in and on the out – building up a pressure inside my brain that had me howling and crying and laughing. My mind going through a whole gamut of emotional responses in an attempt to vocally express the incredible sensations.

And all the while my pussy just got tighter and tighter, quite separate from any muscle contractions I might have been performing at the start. Until Ruf hardly had to move to set off another of the vaginal orgasms and the constriction became so intense that it set off his own, forcing him to withdraw quickly and expel the semen along the swollen cleft beneath him.

The effect of my impending Menopause on the integrity of my vagina is premature. There is still an awful lot of life left in the old girl yet and, with the help of my Kegel toys and good research, I’m going to make sure that things stay that way for a great deal longer.

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7 thoughts on “Vaginal Orgasms”

  1. I’m a little jealous that you ladies seem to have so much more variety in the types of orgasms you can have (clitoral, vaginal, squirting, etc). Not that my orgasms aren’t very enjoyable, but they’re pretty much the same each time :)

  2. Awww, Mike! I just asked Ruf about this and he said that his do come in different intensities, dependent upon a number of factors but confirmed that there is nowhere near the same variety as I seem to achieve. I read somewhere that women have twice as many nerve endings in our genitalia than men (8000 to 4000) but I also think it’s about mental connection. Sometimes my climaxes differ because my brain is trying to work out the best way to express the emotion. I can be laughing, crying, shouting, moaning, panting, or just mouth open drooling :) It’s quite bizarre to listen to myself and I often wonder what Ruf must be thinking as he watches!
    I do try to help Ruf to achieve something different by sucking him just as he comes as this really does serve to heighten the intensity

  3. Haha, I suppose Ruf is right, the intensity level can vary at times…..sucking just as he is coming sounds like a wonderful way to make things extra intense! He’s a lucky guy :)

  4. Great post! I think this must have been what was going on when I had the “Best Orgasm Ever!” I can’t wait to try again next week!

  5. Haha, Mike, I’m worried that opening up the door to different kinds of orgasms would open the door to bad orgasms =O I’m comfortable with them all being pretty much the same . . .the best experience since the last one or till the next one.

  6. Ta muchly x Let me know how it goes!

    Would love to have feedback from anyone else who tries to follow this method…

  7. Mike – I remind him of his good fortune on a frequent basis, although to be fair he does also acknowledge this fact regularly ;P

    Rhacodactylus – Is there such a thing as a bad orgasm for a bloke?

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