UnderRated: Seeking Vaginal Dryness Help

"Menopause Vaginal Dryness Help"It’s one of those ‘women’s things‘ that doesn’t get discussed much, but a definite side-effect that I’ve noticed as I edge slowly closer to the date when I can say that I am in my Menopause is vaginal dryness.

Not all the time – and, certainly, never when I first arrive for a visit. But, as the weekend draws on and Ruf pounds my body mercilessly, the amount of spontaneously-produced moisture can lessen, causing irritation as he tries to enter me.

I know this can also be a problem for a lot of women who are not menopausal. Vaginal dryness can be the result of cancer therapy and certain medications, emotional stress and even strenuous exercise. But many women are so caught up in the ‘dirty’ implications of using additional lubrication that they try to soldier on regardless.

Somehow, in the eyes of many women, using lubricant has somehow become synonymous with the nefarious activities of sex addicts or porn stars which require copious lashings of flavoured gels or the ubiquitous KY.

As a ‘normal’ woman, I really like sex and I refuse to apologise for continuing to enjoy it as I get older. There’s nothing dirty about making love, it is a natural bodily function that every woman is entitled to get some pleasure from… even post-Menopause.

And it should not be regarded as shameful to seek specialist help in the form of lubricant. They sell it on the shelves at supermarkets now – that’s how mainstream it is!

However, even once you’ve accepted that you’re not a sex maniac and you’re happy to buy and use lube, there is a still a problem. Whilst traditional brands do help, they can really only be applied externally, causing much of the gel to be lost at the initial entry.

Astroglide’s Silken Secret is a big dollop of regular Astroglide’s long-lasting, super slippery formula in a specially-designed pre-filled applicator that propels the requisite amount of aid right to the heart of the problem.

The package comprises six individually-wrapped applicators, each containing 5ml of Astroglide. Unlike traditional sachet samples, which are always so difficult to open, you just whip off the end with a twist, insert and squirt for instant vaginal dryness help. It feels cool, smooth and soothing and lasts for ages but, once it is no longer required, it doesn’t become gritty or sticky inside you because, being water-based, any excess is absorbed.

Because Silken Secret contains no hormone-related ingredients or other possibly problematic chemicals, there are no worries about contra-indications with other prescribed treatments or hormonal implications.

Another huge tick in its favour is that it will not interfere with either the natural PH balance within this delicate ecosystem which is poised so critically on the edge when a woman is going through her ‘Change’, or any contraceptives – which are still vital at this unpredictable time.

And, best of all for those of us with vegan partners, it contains no animal fat and has not been tested on animals

Yes, Astroglide’s Silken Secret gets a thumbs up from me for those times in a woman’s life when her natural resources just need a little extra help.

The only thing that could be improved is to expand the range to include the new parabens-free and plant-based natural versions.

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  4. I can assure you that ALL BioFilm productd are tested on animals. Lots of bunnies and guinea pigs gave their lives during product safety testing. If BioFilm states that they do not test on animals then they are liars!

  5. Hi gophergasser, Damn, I was sure I’d read that. Perhaps I was mistaken. It does make me sad

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