How To AutoFellatio

Watching the final part of the episode on Oral Sex from Sex: How To Do Everything With Em and Lo, I came across auto-fellatio for the first time.

Now, I’m a dedicated yogi these days but my Plough is nowhere near good enough to allow me to get anywhere near my own genitalia. I put Ruf’s Plough to the test too but he wasn’t even close.

So, then he attempted the ‘Seated C’, but there was nothing doing there either.  If you can imagine, sitting down and then curling your torso so that your back becomes concave and reaching forward so that your mouth reaches far enough into your groin to be able to envelop the end of your own cock?  And then have enough energy left to be able to suck it?

As the guy in equestion mentioned on several occasions, ‘It does help if you have an eight inch dick…’

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6 thoughts on “How To AutoFellatio”

  1. Autofellatio?

    Wouldn’t be better you find somebody to help you? I think so!
    Good luck and have a nice day!

    Well at least you wouldnt have to keep giving instructions :)

  2. Sounds like something for the ultra flexible amongst us. Although, having a big cock would obviously help – you wouldn’t have to be quite as flexible then!

    Amy, I think ‘ultra flexible with a big cock’ is going to be quite a small demographic ;p

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