Aunt Flow and The Tell-Tale Period Pants

Research has shown that women are more receptive to the attentions of a prospective suitor during the most fertile stage of their menstrual cycle.

Well, no shit, Sherlock! Putting the hormonal aspects aside just for a moment, the majority of us just do not feel terribly sexy with a tampon partially filling one of our most intimate parts and the over-riding concern that it might not be up to the task in hand.

I know that there are a small minority of women who do enjoy sex during menstruation and I will not exclude those of us who have partaken because time factors meant that it was that day or not at all for a long spell, but most women would not choose to indulge their carnal desires at that time of the month.

And, despite Dave Foley’s assertions about having a Good Attitude Towards Menstruation, a large proportion of men feel a certain revulsion at the sight of all that blood.

I recall an occasion when Ruf and I were left with no other choice because we would not be able to scratch our itch for another few months if we did not. I did warn him that it was at the start of my cycle and so there would be a lot of the red stuff, but he said it didn’t matter.

Half-way through the proceedings he withdrew, unable to continue.

“It’s like an axe murder down here!” he muttered, before disappearing into the bathroom to return his cock to its normal colour.

As far as the ‘luteal phase’ is concerned, this is the period that ensues after ovulation and before menstruation – the time frame when most women suffer with varying degrees of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) dependent upon the fluctuation of their hormones. I suspect that a lot of men who attempt to chat up a woman ineffectually at this time of the month might well be sent away with a flea in their ear, since our patience can be notoriously short at such times.

So, that leaves the fertile phase. Depending upon the length of the luteal phase of your cycle, ovulation normally occurs at around day 14 of a 28 day cycle. Because a man’s sperm can survive in your body for up to five days and the egg can remain viable for 24-48 hours after release, that is the length of your fertile period – from five days before to 2 days after ovulation, with the most fertile time being the the day before and the ovulation day itself.

That’s a mighty small window of opportunity for any male intent on a successful romantic outcome – it’s surprising that any couples actually get together at all!

But probably the best way to work out the stage of any woman’s menstrual cycle before going in for the kill is to check out her underwear for visible panty line. If she’s in a thong, you may well be in luck but, if she’s wearing Period Pants

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2 thoughts on “Aunt Flow and The Tell-Tale Period Pants”

  1. Well, for This American Male, I have always viewed this portion of the month as: totally NATURAL, normal body function, that about half the population has occur.
    Showers and baths before and after, for cleanup.
    No that said, i have not had to make any “midnight runs” for supplies for 22 yrs. (surgery)
    Before that, was I embarrassed: NO.

    Now I don’t know if anyone can top this funny….(at the time was not for the customer)
    second thought…my comment is too long, I’ll email it to you…

  2. I use Beppy Sponges during my period and they are fantastic for soaking up the flow, making sex blood free. You can find them at I highly recommend them.

    I’ve heard other women speak highly of these too! Great tip, Suzanne :)

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