The G Spot Mouse or How to Make A Woman Squirt

You see, this could only have been given that nickname by a man.

And one of those men who only focuses on the surface. He’s really proud of himself because he knows where the clitoris is and he’s sure that the G Spot is inside and around that area, so he designs a gadget where he has to put his finger ‘inside the hole’ to get to his favourite bits.

But we’re still rather missing the point, so to speak.

The best and most intense orgasms come from simultaneous clit and G Spot stimulation.

Now, I know there’s been a lot of waffle in the Press recently about how the G Spot doesn’t exist. Either written by a man… or by a woman who hasn’t experienced the stunning effects of having pressure applied to this spongy spot inside her vagina.

You see, Mr G Spot Mouse designer, proper G Spot stimulation requires a sort of up and under digital movement, not a straight ahead prod or poke. That might well do it for your ‘favourite bits’, but employing such a technique will not provide any dramatic results for her.

And the only way you’re going to get the right effect for practising on that Mouse is if you pick it up and stroke underneath it with your forefingers whilst rubbing across that little nubbly scrolling button with your thumb or the heel of your hand!

You see, he was so close, but he didn’t quite get the whole banana.

Ruf discovered the secret to making me gush only recently. And the more he practises, the more squirty it gets.

Start off with the woman on her knees. It’s better if she’s upright because then you get the full effect of the liquid due to gravity, rather than having it pool inside her as it can if she’s horizontal.

Make sure you get her excited first with lots of kissing and caressing. Stimulate the area between her legs gently with your fingers. Tickling, teasing and stroking to get her motor running.

Then insert one or two fingers inside her (Ruf says the middle and ring finger get the best purchase) and locate the soft, spongy bit on the front wall of the vagina. Start rubbing it with a sort of ‘beckoning’ motion, waggling the top of your middle finger and third finger towards you and start to notice the effect it has.

Next bring the palm of that same hand into play. As you pull forward with your fingers, press your palm and the heel of your hand hard against her vulva. That’s the whole area of pussy around her clit. You may be able to spread the lips of her labia to get the heel directly onto her clit, but it’s quite fiddly and not totally necessary. Just apply pressure and start rubbing backwards and forwards gently with that hand as you simultaneously push on the spongy bit with your fingers.

You should become conscious of all the membranes lubricating up as a result of this stimulating arousal. The gentle friction will encourage the blood to engorge the delicate tissues and you will feel the resulting heat and moisture beginning to fill your hand. The whole of the external area will become squishy and squelchy. You can hear the liquidity increasing as the excitement builds.

Now increase the pressure and the speed. Harder and faster so that your arm is a bit like a piston with the two fingers flapping in time on the end of it.

And then it’s just continual pressure and speed of rub. As if you’re chafing her girlie bits into action after being cold and immobile for a long time.

Which is when the torrent should start. Hold on tight to your lady with the other arm because, if she hasn’t experienced it before, it can be a bit of a shock. And it will take the wind out of her sails even if she does know what’s going to happen because its feels as if her whole body is melting.

Running down your fingers, wrist and arm to splat in a puddle on the bed between her legs.


And the more you do it, the more squirty it becomes, especially if the woman learns to push down at the same time – as if she wants to pee.

Now, if any of you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your lady and haven’t managed to get out to the shops – well, that ought to do the trick.

You’re welcome x

Edit: I originally wrote that the fingers to be used were fore finger and middle finger, but Ruf says that middle finger and ring finger will give better purchase

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15 thoughts on “The G Spot Mouse or How to Make A Woman Squirt”

  1. Wow so I wanted to leave a comment that said, “Yes, exactly!” and that is all I wanted to say but your blog told me that my comment was too short nad made me try again. wtf? Take care! I hope this is long enough. If it’s not, I’ll have to make up some crap…

    Hi Sugarmag!

    Not sure why it would say your comment was too short? Im definitely not sizeist over here, it’s always what a guy can do with it :) Sometimes WordPress seems to have a mind of its own. Can you let me know if it does it again?

    Many thanks
    Joanna x

  2. wonder why some chicks can do this simply from intercourse and some never get there at all? Even with the exact same procedure. I’m going with differences in anatomy.

    I think you’re right, Sage. Just as we all have different shaped limbs and heads (and penises penii??? Will someone please tell me the plural of penis!!), the girls are not always going to have vaginas that are the same. So the G Spot will be higher or lower… or maybe even on the back wall rather than the front wall?? It’s up to you guys to experiment. I think this is also why some women can really squirt using their own fingers – their G Spot is easy for them to find and reach.

    It took Ruf a while to work out exactly where mine was and how it liked to be stimulated to produce the desired effect. I still can’t do any impression of a fountain in terms of arc but, hey, I got to waterfall stage without any problem at all. Just be careful about rehydration afterwards :)

  3. Some women definitely have a special talent for, as you know.

    You know, MrB, I think that it is something you can work at if you have a partner who is willing to put in the effort :)

  4. I know how to find the spot and use it to wonderful avail and the orgasms will ensue. But, alas, no squirting. Somewhere I am missing that part of the equation.

    MrW, I can’t squirt like the fountains some of those gifted women produce, Im more of a waterfall… are you succeeding with that?

  5. Actually the medical literature says there is no noticeable structure where the G-spot should be.. the press jumped on this and said there was nothing there, but that is not what the medical people said…(and clearly not what women say) it’s more complicated that the bleedin obvious? surprise surprise!!

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  7. Only one of my favorite matters about blogging is this community of bloggers. We aren’t cut-throat. We share successes and miseries. And when a specific thing works, we do not continue it to ourselves – we want it to work for all of us. I really like blogging and wish that it becomes full-time a day, but I get pleasure from the finding out and growing (the journey) and am an exceptionally patient man.

  8. Sometimes, well, almost all of the time, I wish guys actually had a freaking clue. How is that mouse supposed to help them learn g-spot stimulation? There’s no g-spot anywhere on/in it!

    Although it wouldn’t surprise me that most guys would find it highly entertaining to play around with and use.

  9. Hey Sarah, I think sex technique videos should be more widely available for 18 year old boys!

  10. Wow! very informative! Ruf seems to be more correct – fore finger playing with clit,and middle finger&ring finger combo with G-spot. Maybe that is the way men are at ease with. And for women masturbating , ring & fore fingers doing the G-spot play might be more comfortable. And Sarah’s freaking clue is interesting and gives ideas -while playing with vulva, man may replicate the gentle mouse button action on the clit and wade into G-spot with more vigorous play.

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