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Pleasurists is a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days.

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Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

Editor’s Pick

  • LELO Ella by Victoria
  • People may have no idea just how much pleasure and perfect g-spot stimulation that unassuming hunk of silicone provides. (Those fools!)

    Also, you may want to use Ella as a pretend phone, or let your other toys argue with your cats about it. Just a little suggestion of my own.

    Note: While there were many wonderful reviews this week and the EP was a difficult choice I was won over by the wonderfully amusing and fantastic pictures that accompany this review. Talk bubbles, kitties, and attempts to use a sex toy as a phone (among other amusing antics) set the review apart while the text gives you more of the usual toy information. I love it.

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One Month Before Heartbreak

"one month before heartbreak"I received the email about One Month Before Heartbreak on Saturday and it is a campaign that I am very keen to support.

Disability benefit is a much-maligned sector of our society with a variety of colourful stories of cheats and frauds. However, there are a huge number of claimants for whom it is a necessity and who have successfully navigated the fraught waters involved with just successfully completing the form.

And yet, were it not for my friend Benefit Scrounging Scum, I probably would not be aware even be aware of how difficult it actually is to claim these benefits, nor how vital they are for the every day survival of ordinary people, who have had the misfortune to contract a debilitating illness like, for example, Multiple Sclerosis or become wheelchair-bound through an accident.

These are not scroungers or frauds but honest folk, who just want the ability to be warm and fed, whilst they deal with the symptoms and effects of their health problem. At a time when the public purse is feeling the pinch, it is too easy to make cuts in areas where there will be lesser publicity and vocal resistance. Let those economies be made in the salaries of the fatter cats.

Please sign the petition.

Today is Day 2 of One Month Before Heartbreak the blogswarm awareness raising campaign being run by Emma Crees of The Broken Of Britain, supported by CarerWatch and Community Care Magazine. Already over 6500 page views of the OMBH blog, and The Guardian article about DLA cuts was amongst their top 5 blog posts. With just a little more effort we can push this into the consciousness of the mainstream media and get some real attention to the cuts affecting disabled people and carers.

Please, spread the word. Sign the petition. Share OMBH links on facebook, twitter, diggit, stumble etc.

“Alone we whisper. Together We shout”

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Movie Clip Wednesday – Who Didn’t Get An Oscar?

MRM chose a more difficult topic for this week’s theme.

Unable to think of any off the top of my head, I am indebted to the Daily Mail for providing me with this list of the top ten films that should have won an Oscar.

Reading through, I am totally astonished by some of those listed as these are some of my favourite films of all time.

1. The Shawshank Redemption

2. The Sixth Sense

3. Fight Club

4. Blade Runner

5. It’s a Wonderful Life

5. The Great Escape

7. Taxi Driver

7. Psycho

9. Singin’ in the Rain

10. Dr Strangelove

And they haven’t included Jaws, ET or The Empire Strikes Back.

It’s too hard to choose between the first two, which are both chilling and uplifting at the same time.

"MovieClip Wednesday"

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John Forsythe – Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty

I was sad to read the news that John Forsythe had died from complications relating to pneumonia after battling cancer for some time.

I grew up with a soundtrack on which his voice was a major factor.

First, disembodied and distorted through a speaker phone on the original Charlie’s Angels with Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.

And then as Blake Carrington in Dynasty with Linda Evans as his second wife, Krystle, and the inimitable Joan Collins as Alexis, the bitch who had been the first Mrs Carrington.

His distinctive diction, good looks and suave manner had seen him build a large repertoire of work on celluloid and the small screen, as well as in the theatre, beginning back in 1943 and culminating in the Dynasty Reunion in 2006. That same year, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Speaking of her father, his daughter, Brooke Forsythe said: “He died as he lived his life, with dignity and grace.”

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – the Braun Silk Epilator Review

I bought one of those new epilators. The Braun Silk one. And I have to do a recommendation.

In comparison to my old epilator, this is so much less painful. It is also rechargeable so you can do it anywhere without needing to be attached to a wire and a plug socket. The unit itself is much more ergonomically shaped to get into all those awkward crevices behind your knees and the like.

And, best of all, you can use it in the bath just like you’re normal razor but much more effectively.

I have used it effectively under my arms, on my legs and to do my bikini line, although, even with the changed heads, it is still quite tricky to really get to those stubborn ones between your thigh and your lips just because of the limited space available. It’s very hard to get the device at the right angle to remove all the hairs, especially when it’s so hard to actually see what you’re doing down there.

So, having said that, there is nothing that really beats a good old wax by a beautician. No fiddling about with those awkward to reach places and the fear that you might have left a fluffy bit somewhere.

Or, of course, the erotic nature of hair removal as foreplay with your lover wielding either the epilator or the razor – I would suggest the latter though if, like me, you are prone to those raised red bumps after epilating or waxing as these can become quite sore if later in the event you are exposed to friction from his prickly chin.

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OverRated: Mamma Mia!

“I wasn’t disappointed because I was expecting nothing. But I was wrong. I got less than nothing”

Everyone had raved about it. The best selling musical dvd of all-time and that sort of stuff. The theatre show had been a sell-out on both Broadway and in London’s West End for months.

Eventually I got around to buying the dvd and took it with me to Ruf’s to pass the time in between doing what we do best. Not being a particularly RomCom kinda guy, Ruf was very unwilling to even give it the time of day but I persuaded him to view for ten minutes. His face at the end of that timeframe was a picture. Disgruntled disapproval registering itself as a scowl that obliterated his dimple. His down-turned mouth imbuing him with a look that was almost Sesame Street Beaker-like.

“Contrived,” was his verdict.

And he was not wrong.

I have heard this word used before in conjunction with such ‘tribute’ musicals. The first such entry into the genre was ‘We Will Rock You’, Ben Elton’s reworking of the Queen back catalogue which received huge praise and publicity, thus setting off a domino effect of similar efforts. Never having seen it, I cannot pass comment but I have heard it widely revered by reliable sources.

However, I recall a friend who went to see ‘Tonight’s the Night’, featuring the fabulous songs of Rod Stewart within a pitiful framework of a story, being desperately disappointed at the way the script had been manipulated to fit in the songs and then embarrassed at the cast’s inability to produce anyone who actually had hot legs to dance to the tune of that title.

I think the problem is that those of us who remember the originals, feel short-changed hearing the songs performed by amateurs, whereas those hearing the tunes for the first time are delighted in exactly the way that we were originally and sing along quite happily.

Always having loved Abba, since they burst onto the music scene by sweeping away the competition in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, I watched ‘Mamma Mia!’ with an appreciation of the calibre of the songs themselves and an increasingly open-mouthed amazement at the way the story deliberately threw in twists and turns to accommodate the next famous hit with a transparency that was breathtakingly cheeky. However, they just kept playing that same card until it became a case of guessing when x story line will precipitate y chart topper. It was all just too obvious.

The efforts of the stars themselves to sing melodies that are incredibly hard to reproduce were laudable – Meryl Streep did particuarly well in ‘Winner takes it all’, but poor Pierce Brosnan was almost laughable.

If you must watch it, unless you’re a fan of High School Musical and the like, I’d suggest you save your money and rent it.

Of course, if you really want to watch Mamma Mia!, you have to see the version that French & Saunders did for Comic Relief.


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Astroglide Review

"Astroglide Review"Whilst creating oils for the moving parts of the space shuttle’s cooling system at Edwards Air Force Base in 1977, the chemist, David Wray, discovered an extremely slippery polymeric compound and he soon realised that his new ‘Astroglide’ could be invaluable for use in other areas.

The distinctive purple bottle of regular Astroglide contains a water-based and water-soluble gel which is long-lasting and petroleum free so it won’t affect or compromise condom or diaphragm performance, although it should be noted that it does not contain a spermicide so it is not a contraceptive. It is also non-sticky and odourless so you don’t get the gritty chemical residue that can be a side-effect of some lesser lubricants.

One of the other unusual and extremely important factors for a vegan, like Ruf, is that it actually lists the ingredients on the bottle. After scrutinising the list of Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium 15, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, there was only one that flagged up a concern. He was a little unsure over the provenance of the glycerin that it contained as this can be derived from animal fat but, researching the product on the internet, he was reassured and, therefore, happy to use it.

As a sexual aid, it was really rather good. The design of the bottle means that it is easy to dispense with one hand and the contents worked extremely well in making the encounter run smoothly. You only need a small amount to achieve the desired effect.

However, in the light of ongoing concerns about the number of parabens in our daily lives and a post I read recently that highlighted possible skin problems when using lubricants containing glycerin that have been opened and then left unused for many months, I was excited to learn that Astroglide now produce a glycerin and paraben free version – review to follow. I shall also be going through ‘the drawer’ to ensure that we don’t have any half-used bottles that have been lying around for a while."astroglide review glycerin & paraben free"

Over the last couple of weeks, Ruf has been testing the Aneros Massager (more on that in a future post) and, by chance, Astroglide was the first bottle that came to hand on his crowded bedside table. He made the mistake of putting it down on its side on the floor next to the bed with the cap ajar. A week later, when I visited, I am able to report that, where he had stepped on it, some of the gel had oozed out and this was still as slimy as ever. It hadn’t dried out, it hadn’t seeped into a bigger puddle, it was still a blob of super slippery gel on the wooden floor. And, as a good housewife, with one wipe of a piece of tissue, it was gone.

Ruf has a very tight sphincter – it’s determined to remain an exit not an entrance – and he says that the lube really helps to ease the passage of the prostate massager inside. Plus, because it is water-based, the silicone toy will not become damaged by any friction.

For women like me who are experiencing a certain amount of vaginal dryness due to the hormonal imbalance of the Menopause, this is a good product. Because it does not contain any ingredients that are hormone-related, it will make sex a far more attractive and rewarding experience without interfering with the work of any prescribed treatments like HRT.

However, the problem of vaginal dryness is not confined to older women. It affects over 20 million American women and can occur as a result of:

  • the rigours of childbirth or breastfeeding;
  • strenuous physical exercise;
  • the effects of stress and medications like the Pill or allergy tablets;
  • conditions that inhibit the immune system – like Sjogren’s syndrome and lupus; or
  • the after-effects of cancer treatments,

Whatever the cause, this distressing condition can range from irritating burning and itching to pain and, even, bleeding during intercourse.

"astroglide natural"These women need a personal lubricant that is water soluble and doesn’t kill off any of the natural flora in the vagina. Astroglide is able to mimic the natural vaginal fluids so it doesn’t compromise the area’s natural acidity which is vital in controlling the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to repeated vaginal infections like thrush and cystitis. This is why it is recommended by many leading cancer care nurses and treatment centres, as well as the Sjogren’s Society, to combat the effects of vaginal dryness.

It gets even better though. Whilst Astroglide’s slightly acidic PH balance usually inhibits yeast growth, it is not recommended for use by women like me who have recurring problems with Candida, so I got very excited when I learned that there is an even more ecologically friendly Green Astroglide that is made with natural botanicals and plant extracts, replacing glycerin with xylitol, a plant-based substitute.

Whilst there has been speculation that some personal lubricants can be a candida cause, there is some evidence to show that using this particular product can decrease yeast proliferation,  so I am really looking forward to bringing you my report on its effectiveness over the next couple of weeks.

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Discount On My Favourite Vibrator!

The fab peeps at LoveHoney are offering discounts on some of their fabulous products UNTIL 30TH JUNE 2015!

Plus FREE DELIVERY TO THE UK if you spend more than £10.

Offer: Get 20% off plus FREE delivery when you spend £75

Offer: 15% off when you spend £40 plus FREE delivery

Now this one is a great way to get some money off my favourite vibrator – the Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager. It’s currently £49.99.

For 15% off a £50 spend click this link and then copy Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager and paste those words into the LoveHoney search bar. It will take you to the right page and, in just a few days, you too will be able to have an orgasm in just a few minutes.

My best friend has stood me in good stead for over five years and has never failed to produce the desired result! Almost instant bliss – I can’t give it a higher recommendation than that!

If you are planning to buy some other products likes lube or a dildo to complement your clitoral stimulation, for 20% off a £75 spend, click here Continue reading Discount On My Favourite Vibrator!

Skoda Adverts

I am remember how we all used to laugh at the humble Skoda. A car held in permanent derision for its cheap tackiness.

However, they now come with a Volkswagen engine and a price tag that fits with a lot more wallets.

Gone are the days when the Skoda was derided as a marque by everyone and his dog.

And, with the latest Skoda adverts, they are really coming into the limelight.

I loved the cake one obviously

But I saw their latest contrary and meaner version at the cinema prior to Harry Potter. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be possible to embed.

Mean Skoda Adverts

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OverRated: Dragon Receptionists

My friend, Fluffy, called me recently to tell me about her tooth.

She’d been eating some particularly chewy toffee and a filling had become totally dislodged. With the offending amalgam in her palm, she called her usual dentist, only to be told that he was out of town for a week.

In order to ascertain whether her appointment was truly an emergency that would necessitate a visit to an alternative dentist, the lady on the desk grilled her with a series of pertinent questions:

‘Does it hurt?’ she interrogated.

And in response to Fluffy’s affirmative: ‘Are you sure?’


Fluffy has started to call them Appointment Nazis since she also suffers similar problems at her local doctor’s surgery and I have to admit to finding it most irritating that I have to explain to my own doctor’s receptionist the nature of my ailment, however personal, in an attempt to get the most proximate appointment.

By the same token, I can understand why some practise receptionists become so protective of their emergency slots. I know of one couple of hypochondriacs who were forever in the surgery and, of course, the one time that the lady was really ill, they had to stand there arguing the toss with the person behind the counter and were sent away with a flea in their ear to remain in pain until an appointment two days later. They had cried wolf too many times before to be taken seriously when they really were in need.

However, the majority of patients just want to see their doctor of choice either that day or the next so they don’t have to be in discomfort or anxiety any more.

We are all guilty of putting it off until it’s excruciating so perhaps we do have to shoulder at least some of the blame for not being able to get immediate appointments.

Picture courtesy of


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Letter From America…

I had a nasty shock recently, courtesy of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

A very kind friend in the United States had sent me a beautiful gift – an Alaskan Ulu and chopping board.

It really is the most wonderfully crafted piece of kit and Ruf absolutely adores it. My friend carefully chose the handle to be made from Alaskan wood, rather than the normal bone so it is completely vegan friendly.

I have had an enormous amount of vicarious pleasure watching Ruf contentedly chopping up all the garlic, herbs and vegetables that he likes to mix together to provide me with the most amazing vegan sustenance.

It was the perfect gift. Thank you, Michael x

But, back to the Customs problem. I knew that the parcel had arrived in the UK, because I got a letter from a courier service stating that they were holding an international parcel on my behalf, but that they would not deliver it until various charges had been paid.

These were detailed as VAT (that’s value added tax) at £13.88 plus a Customs clearance fee levied by the courier company of £8.

On researching this further, I discovered that this is not a new thing, it has been going on for some time, although I had been unaware of it.

Basically, for anyone else sending gifts to the UK from outside the European Union, the facts are these:

Any goods imported into the UK over the value of £18 are liable to import VAT; gifts between private individuals over the value of £40 are also liable for VAT. Goods and gifts over these values may also be liable for Customs duty. As of the 1st of December 2008 you will no longer be required to pay customs duty for goods up to the value of £135, however you will still be required to pay import VAT and excise duty where applicable.

Customs duty is a tax charged on goods produced outside the EU. It is controlled by HM Revenue & Customs. The purpose of Duty is to keep competition equal and fair and to bring the cost of imported goods up to the same cost as those produced within the EU. Once duty is paid, the goods are in ‘free circulation’ and can move throughout the EU without restriction.

Certain goods such as wines, spirits, cigars, cigarettes and tobacco are subject to what is called excise duty. When you buy excisable goods in the UK the price you pay includes this tax. However, if you import these goods either from the EU or from outside the EU, you will have to pay Excise Duty and VAT on them. The Excise Duty is often more than the cost of the goods, and private consumers buying excisable goods over the Internet should be extremely careful as there are different regulations governing the purchase of these goods on the Internet.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax normally charged on the supply of goods (and services) made by a VAT registered business. However, imported goods are also subject to VAT. This is to prevent a purchaser gaining an unfair advantage by buying non-EU goods VAT free..

Gifts sent as parcels from the US are examined by Customs officials there and can be sent to the UK free of Duty and VAT only if they comply with these rules:

* The value of the goods must not exceed £36 (approximately $72).
* Packages must be correctly declared.
* They must have been sent by a private person abroad to another private person in Britain.
* The gift must be for the use of either yourself or your family.
* There is no commercial or trade element.
* Any alcohol, tobacco products, perfumes or toilet waters are within the Customs allowances and costs (see above).
* They must be of an occasional nature only, such as a birthday or anniversary.

It is possible for the sender to pay these charges in advance or in retrospect but no parcel will be released, unless the fees have been paid.

Unpaid parcels, resulting from disputes about Customs charges, cannot be delivered and will be returned to sender if they have been held at the depot for more than 20 days.

Naturally, because of the holiday period, I paid up promptly and the parcel arrived the following morning.

I suppose I should think positively because I believe VAT went up at the beginning of this year, so it could have been even more, but it just seemed very wrong that a gift could incur these charges; something that was not going to be sold on or used for commercial gain.

You have been warned!

I just had to post this, since it really made me laugh… and the original Proclaimers’ video has had embedding disabled by request.

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I’ll be out in 2 mins, I’m just brushing my teeth…

Sugasm #99

I am indebted to The Man with Secrets for emailing me with details of the Tingle Tip. He had read my posts about my secret love affair with my Oral B and my subsequent fears that overuse might be damaging the sensitivity of a particularly fragile part of me.

When I went to the Tingle Tip website, I discovered that LoveHoney were also suppliers of this rather interesting toy. I have been an occasional tester and reviewer for them, both here and on their site but my latex allergy causes a few problem in terms of limiting the number of items that I can try out. So, it was with great excitement that I received a positive response to my request to be the first to review the Tingle Tip.

At first glance, it looks just like a normal Oral B toothbrush attachment, although obviously without the bristles, just a flat pink plastic disc instead. It comes with a dear little soft carrybag.

Whilst Ruf is normally very excited by the appearance of my toothbrush, he didn’t seem terribly interested in this at first because it looks so benign. It was only when I switched it on and placed it on his balls that he realised the full intensity of the experience.

Lying in bed, attending to his favourite appendage with my hands and tongue, I decided to use the time to pleasure myself simultaneously. So I lubed us both up with some Tracey Cox Tingle Lube and went to work. One hand and my mouth for him and the other hand holding the toothbrush for me.

The first sensation as it switched on was electric, making me jump. The most important thing about the Tingle Tip is that, because of its size, it has the most amazing directional control. It can access parts of you that the larger wand stimulators just cannot get to, so you can focus on any particularly sensitive and responsive areas and really find the spot at that moment. The combination of this and the toothbrush motor which is far more powerful than a standard clitoral vibrator and you have a blissful, if rather noisy, playmate.

Within seconds, it was taking me to places that normally take a fair amount of effort on Ruf’s part to attain. He was getting harder and harder at my obvious arousal. As one orgasm after another ripped through me, my face and chest were flushing, my mouth was a big O of wonder and the muscles around my hole were fluttering. Opening and closing from the intense stimulation, crying out mutely in their desperation to enclose something hot and hard. He was almost coming from the efforts of my palm but I needed him in me… not my hand.

I wanted so much for him to penetrate me, to add to the most exquisite sensation I was experiencing but my mouth was no longer working properly. It took huge concentration to reconnect my mind’s focus from my groin to my mouth. The words came out one at a time with great gaps and gasps in between, begging him so plaintively, he couldn’t fail but respond.

Unselfishly drawing back from his own climax, he put on the obligatory condom, pushed me onto my hands and knees and entered me from behind. One centimetre at a time, he slid oh so slowly into me and then retreated out again. His withdrawal just as protracted and lingering as his entry. It is so hard to describe to you the power of the orgasms that were hitting me as he was doing this, over and over in tandem with the intense vibration on my clit. Wave after wave of explosive energy. You may need to ask his neighbours about the decibels I was reaching as I screamed with abandon.

Ruf started to increase the rhythm, pumping in and out of me harder and harder as I chased the shooting stars that were flying through my brain and my body dribbled its pleasure from every orifice until, finally, I could take no more. It was too much in my current weakened state. My hands, arms and legs were shaking so uncontrollably from the onslaught that I could barely support my own weight, let alone his as well. I began to worry that I might damage myself since I was still in the recovery part of the ordeal I had undergone less than three weeks before. I had to switch it off and promptly collapsed into a heap on the sodden pillows.

After a few moments to catch my breath, regain my composure and reassure myself that my body wasn’t about to spontaneously combust from the inside out, I realised how incredibly selfish I had just been.

I leaned over and attached myself, hand and mouth to my beautiful man’s rigid cock and did what was necessary to reward him for being the selfless diamond that he is x

Would I recommend it?

Oh yes, it was another screamer :)

And the beauty of it is that it works for the solitary female wanker as well as couples. With liberal applications of lube, the plastic disc was far less harsh, friction-wise, than the brush head on my delicate areas so I will be able to increase my own personal usage.

For busy mums who barely have a moment to themselves, it will be a godsend. After a couple of practice sessions getting to know the most receptive places, a solo clitoral orgasm of extremely satisfying proportions can be achieved in a matter of seconds, providing the ultimate release from the rigours of giving childcare and the boredom of housework. And if you find yourself with a little more time to be leisurely, the insertion of a couple of fingers into either orifice can provide the most delightful completion of the experience.

All under the cover of: ‘I’ll be out in two minutes, Im just brushing my teeth’.

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It will be worth the slight delay.

In the darkest part of the night I shall begin the long drive and watch the dawn lighten the sky around me. Spiralling soft sunlight through the mists across the fields of England’s Shires.

Early enough, hopefully, to avoid the jams of caravans and scarf-bedecked carloads making their way to holiday and sporting destinations.

My gas-guzzling behemoth eating up the miles between us.

If he remembers not to put the latch on, I will use my key and let myself in.

He will become aware of the coolness of my skin pressing against his warm, sleepy flesh.

Feel the shiver of anticipation thrill through him at my sudden presence in his bed.

Gasp as my freezing fingers tickle their way southwards in search of their goal.

And tremble as my hot mouth fulfils its recent promise.

In fact, by the time you read this, he will be wondering if there could possibly be a better way to wake up on a Bank Holiday weekend…

Blog every day in May


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Natural Contraceptives

Inducing temporary azoospermia, a condition where there are no measurable levels of sperm in a man’s semen, is something for which a lot of couples would willingly pay a lot of money.

To have the freedom to make love without fear of pregnancy but know that they could still have a baby as and when they wanted to try? Natural contraceptives for the perfect world!

And, for those of us who grew up with polyester, who would have thought that the answer lay right under our noses.

I read today that scientists have conducted an experiment where a group of men with normal sperm counts wore a scrotal sling made of polyester for a two week period. “Apparently, the electrostatic field effect and the disordered thermoregulatory effect of the polyester sling produced azoospermia” but this was only whilst they continued to wear the sling.

Within a couple of months of the end of the experiment, all the men’s sperm levels had returned to normal and those who then went on to try for a baby were successful.

It sounds like the answer to a lot of women’s prayers, although, according to one of the commenters, the study was carried out in Egypt, where temperatures are naturally hotter so some doubt has been cast upon the effectiveness of this type of natural contraceptives in colder Northern climes.

Mind you, do we really want our men running around permanently wearing polyester underpants?

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Sugasm #117

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #118? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

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Fiction: The Island Princess and the Monkeys Who Tie Knots “You naughty, naughty, NAUGHTY monkeys!”

Sexy Is In Your Mind “Sexy is an attitude and really all in your mind.”

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