Abortion – A Retrospective

I often find myself thinking about that baby… that time.

It can be the most unlikely things that trigger the memory… and sometimes the most obvious.

Visiting Bodies Revealed, there was a section on the development of the foetus and this was illustrated by four glass jars containing examples of what a baby would like at various stages of gestation. If you looked carefully, you could see the deformity that had caused them to be aborted.

The first example was at 14 weeks gestation.

I had my termination at 9 weeks.

I know that, at that stage, the baby was recognisable as such, because I have seen pictures on the internet. But also because I saw its image on the scanning screen.

It was not one of the super duper scanners which can show huge amounts of detail, but enough to be able to see the undeniable shape of a baby as it rolled and kicked and turned and twisted like a dervish. It was so energetic (and I am so thin) that, even at 9 weeks, it could kick hard enough to cause the lady holding the scanning device against my belly some problems retaining her grip.

I have to admit that the contents of that first jar made me falter.

I looked at Ruf and didn’t know whether to say anything.  That period of our relationship was upsetting for him too.  However, it is not something that we never talk about. That’s the beauty of what we have together now.  We try not to have ‘stuff’ that we hide under the carpet. We endeavour to find ways to be open about everything that upsets us, as well as anything that makes us incredibly happy.

He bought a book recently called ‘The Mastery of Love’, which has been instrumental in helping us to work through any issues that we have with ourselves and with each other. He has been reading me a chapter each night over the telephone as a bedtime story and, as a result, our relationship has grown even stronger.

We are learning how to communicate. Finding out what makes us happy as individuals, rather than placing our happiness in the hands of another and making that person responsible for it.  We are discovering that two contented singles make a far more solid partnership.

I have stopped being afraid to speak out. I have changed the habits of a lifetime.  The behaviour that contributed to the failure of my marriage.

I no longer hold things in and repress.

So, I whispered: ‘It makes me think of our baby.’

But he knew that already. He moved closer, put his arm around me and squeezed me tightly against him. He let me talk about what I had seen on that screen and how this was affecting me. How I remember the man between my legs saying ‘one last go’ as he vacuumed my womb to ensure that nothing more remained and then checked the container to ensure that everything was in there.

Seeing that foetus in the glass jar brought all that back to me. How the masochistic part of me wanted to look in that receptacle and see the debris also.

Ruf can never make it feel alright. Never stop the sharp pain and the guilt when I think about what I did. But he will always allow me to tell him, even though it hurts him too and might not be something that he wants to hear.

And, despite all that, what I know, more than anything, is that I’m glad I listened to my gut instinct and asked the scan operator to turn the screen so I could see my baby.

As we passed through the exhibition, I said a silent prayer for all those malformed children and a special one for my own – the statistics said the odds were stacked against him and that he would be like them.

Seeing him that day, I will always wonder.

And always know that, with all the other constraints, I just could not take the risk.

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Sugasm #175

I feel very honoured to be a pick on the last Sugasm before it goes on hiatus.

However, I do think it is time for a rethink. I submit something every week but, so often recently, I have had to wade through 30-40 posts of mind-numbing sameyness and some weeks I just lost the will to vote altogether. It was almost as if we’ve exhausted our ability as writers to describe the sexual act in a different way. And it’s not just that the quality of the writing has decreased but that the whole idea of the Sugasm seems to have been lost.

The job of Sugasm Editor is not an enviable one. It involves an awful lot of hard work, collating the different entries and then the votes and ensuring that everyone has followed the rules.

A few months ago, I helped Radical Vixen by checking to ensure that all those who had submitted entries, had also posted the listing the following week. This process involved me having to check out over 30 different websites and by the end of the week, quite a few had not posted the winners listing. It was time-consuming, repetitive work and I have nothing but admiration for her for having kept this up and stayed sane for 175 weeks.

It’s not just that, but the voting process itself became flawed when so few of the participants actually took the time to register their preference. It almost became the case that you could rob yourself of a pick by registering a vote for someone else because there were so few votes being cast.

With this in mind, if Sugasm is to return – and I’d like to think that it should because it does seem to be a focus to point readers in the direction of good writing that week – perhaps the rules needed to be addressed and changed slightly.

Instead of only the participants voting, perhaps the entire list should be submitted to the blogging world and the opportunity given to other readers to register their preference…? Or, if this is too cumbersome, then it should be the case that if you don’t vote regularly, you will not be allowed to submit…?

Any other suggestions?

Or perhaps you think that Sugasm has had its day…?

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

Please note: After this issue the Sugasm will be going on indefinite hiatus. Please do not submit posts via the form until further notice. If you need to contact me email radicalvixenatgmaildotcom

This Week’s Picks
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MFM: Frustration“I feel the weight of someone kneeling between my legs.”

Give me one
“Give me your orgasm.”

Sugasm Editor
Fetish Fridays: Kidnapping

Editor’s Choice
In Which Steff Has The Worst Birthday Ever

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Richard Von Kraft Ebbing, the father of perversion, undertook the task of defining the difference between normal and deviant sex.

He began categorising sexual behaviour and coined the terms – heterosexual, sadist and masochist.

He deemed that sex was for procreation and that any type of sexual behaviour which was not directed towards that goal was a perversion.

Kraft Ebbing said that normal sex is you get married, you procreate and have a family.

He wrote the book Psychopathia Sexualis in 1886 and ruled masturbation as abnormal, saying that it was a cause of criminal behaviour.

Having categorised half the population of perverse, in stepped Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s, the godfather of 20th century sex research.

Paraphilias range from the quirky to extreme – spanking, bondage, sadism, cross dressing, spanking. There seem to be certain clusters that go together – one is cross-dressing and masochism, another is shoe and foot fetishes.

There are fetishes about enemas and breast milk, as well as fornophilia which is turning a human into a piece of furniture. I’ve written before about formicophilia, which involves getting turned on by insects crawling on your body.

One study identified 549 different paraphilias varying. It is a sexual attraction to something beyond the norm, however bizarre and baffling.

Of course some paraphilias are not ok, the most serious being paedophilia or hebophilia – interest in males between the age of 11 and 14. But is it something that we are all capable of or are these people different?

Using the latest brain imagery, James Cantor has found that is it not a specific part of the brain that is involved but the connective tissues between them that has malfunctioned. This ‘white matter’ joins the different parts of the brain to make a network, allowing the brain to perform as a whole. In normal people, it allows the correct caring behaviour to be evoked when we see a child and an appropriate sexual response when we see something erotic. In paedophiles, the brain scans seem to show that the white matter is malformed, almost as if a cross-wiring has occurred in the brain so that the stimulus of a child – big eyes relative to the size of the head and body is evoking the sexual instincts instead of the parental, nurturing instincts.

A biological aberration which is statistically rare but socially unacceptable.

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I Want To Get My First Vibrator

Someone asked me recently what toy I would recommend as a first vibrator for someone starting out in masturbation.

I started with an electric toothbrush but I think I can break you in a little more gently than that, now I have several years of experience and a generous toybox under my bed.

I would definitely start with a clit stimulator because it’s less messy and more intuitive. There is a smaller margin for error so you are more likely to hit the right spot, especially if you start with a stimulator that has a larger head. For that reason, I would recommend the Mystic Wand.

It’s about six inches long and has three power speeds/intensities. The flexible head is soft and can generally hit the spot and provide me with a toe-curling climax within a few minutes. I can lie back and feel that orgasm for a good five or six minutes afterwards as the energy courses through my body.

However, whilst it’s not as noisy as some vibrators, its size means that it’s not exactly discreet. For a vibrator that you can take anywhere and which is suitable for any woman, from beginner to serial masturbator, it has to be the new Lelo Mia."lelo-vibrator"

Small, sleek and shiny black. Not much bigger than a lipstick and USB-rechargeable – yup, you can charge it from the USB fitting in your car or on your laptop when travelling – she fits into your handbag and would not cause a moment’s embarrassment at Customs or if you dropped the contents of your bag onto the floor.

The new Lelo Mia has a range of vibrations and pulses with good speeds and intensities and her size means that she can hit that small spot in the clitoral alpha quadrant at one o’clock, which has been producing the most splendid 15 minute orgasms for us recently.

Yup, those are the two I’d be recommending.

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Making Time For Sex

Ruf and I have been true to our word. We are making time for fun each week.

And, as a result, it means that we are also making time for sex.

Sometimes we go out to the theatre or the cinema or for a meal. Sometimes we even watch something and then have dinner afterwards.

But, often, we just watch great stuff on the television at home. It could be on mainstream, on iPlayer or 4OD or a DVD.

Lying naked in bed relaxing with the man you love and watching great tv helps to banish the spectres of the workday.

Watching attractive men and women also helps me to appreciate how beautiful is the man lying beside me.

Becoming properly aroused before initating intimacy is a sure antidote to the issues that have hampered penetration down below.

And, naturally, proper use of toys to encourage stimulation goes without saying.

We may not go all night like we used to. But our encounters are now even more intense.

A bonding of two minds, two bodies into one love.

Making time for sex is important in long term relationships.

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The Sex Education Show

I didn’t get around to watching the first in this new series – Channel 4, 8pm Tuesday – until yesterday when I streamed it from 4OD.

It was only when I googled it to get the website addie to share with you that I realised that it had aroused a great deal of controversy with over 40 complaints about its content as well as its time of broadcast before the watershed.

I have to say it did get a bit near the knuckle in certain parts but I think the whole idea is that it is designed to reach our teenagers as well as their parents. It is a show that is covering everything that a young person needs to know – about their bodies, their development, their sexuality and their attitudes towards all of those things. It also allowed them to understand how much their views are shaped by the information with which they are bombarded, both in the media and on the internet.

The first thing which really made me sit up and listen was the fact that there are three different sizes of condoms. Did you know that? Well I certainly didn’t. The main reason that everyone hates condoms is because of their unreliability and tendency to split or come off. Well, it would appear that this is because in many cases, the man is wearing the wrong prophylactic for his personal endowment. In order to ascertain your size, you have to measure the girth of your penis when it is erect. 12-13cms is considered average and means that a ‘Medium’ condom, the majority of those on sale in stores, will fit you. If your penis is over 13cms then you are a ‘Large‘ and under 12cms a ‘Small’ or ‘Snugfit’. Click on the highlights for a link to some of the different brands suitable for you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’re not talking about length or ability to satisfy in these terms, just making sure that you are wearing a protective sheath that will do its job properly.

There was a section where a trio of 14- and 15-year-old schoolboys were asked about pornography. They all agreed that they looked at stuff on the internet or were sent stuff on their phones. When questioned about the worst thing they had seen, a clip was mentioned (which had been circulated via mobile phone) of two German women ‘pooing and wiping it all over each other and vomiting’. When this information was shared with one boy’s parents, they seemed quite shocked and when the film was shown to a group of parents later, they were all horrified. This segment of the programme came with advice on how to safeguard your child on the internet so that they cannot access adult sites. The problem with this is that the information was received via mobile phone. It seems a little shortsighted to prevent your child from accessing adult content on the web with a blanket ban when they are still vulnerable to receiving it from their mates on their phones. It worries me because it does not foster an open exchange of information between child and parent. It becomes secretive and dirty. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t find that sort of clip entertaining in any way and I’d really rather my children didn’t have to watch it but I think most of them would make that sort of decision for themselves anyway. Me saying it’s disgusting is far more likely to make it extra interesting to them… The other problem here is that you would need ALL parents and guardians to take similar action and, in my experience, that would never happen. This means that you have some kids with information but not necessarily all the correct facts talking to your children about stuff which they know you do not wish them to look at and so they will not ask you to ensure they are getting the full picture.

What did worry me was the effect of surgically-enhanced pornstars on the teenagers’ perspective of what they should consider normal. Both the boys and a group of girls were shown pictures of flaccid male genitalia of varying sizes and asked to decide which they thought was the most realistic size-wise. They all chose a penis that was 4 or 5 inches long and were shocked to learn that normal was actually the rather wrinkly 3cm example. It was a similar story with pictures of breasts. When shown a couple of normal pairs in 32C and 32F, both genders complained that the boobs looked saggy and had no cleavage. Admittedly they weren’t the most attractive tit shots I’ve ever seen but, when compared to a silicon-bagged beauty of 34D who had beautiful round, symmetrical, tanned globes with a very definite cleavage, naturally they all chose the fake ones as being the most attractive and desirable. It was very interesting to hear one of the boys draw the conclusion that his attitude to physical appearance was being influenced in a bad way by the things he was seeing on the web.

There was another item where a female doctor and a naked man talked about his cock and balls and explained about the body parts and how they should appear but that there was a huge variety of different shapes and sizes down there. It talked about foreskins and non-symmetrical balls. I think it is a clip that I will recommend that my own son watches – not with me of course – because I think he will learn a lot about his body that he might not want to ask his mother.

The item about Anna Richardson trying to put some spice into her own lovelife was very amusing as well as being informative, but probably not really suitable for a programme before the watershed although, again, it comes back to our obsession with making sex secretive and for adults only when clearly our teenagers are doing it anyway and unsafely because they don’t have the correct information.

Channel 4 defended the show, saying it was meant to provoke discussion amongst families and said the scene of nudity had clearly been signposted before the start.

“Whilst we did receive a small number of complaints we also received some very positive feedback,” a spokeswoman said.

“The series is aimed at families and we hope it will act as a starting point for a family discussion about the important issues raised.

“The show was preceded with warnings about content and scenes featuring nudity were flagged prior to each part of the hour-long show.”

A Channel 4 source added the number of complaints had been relatively small for such a potentially controversial show.

This programme is clearly titled the ‘Sex Education Show’. Parents with children under the age of 14 would be wise to study the Radio Times for clues like that. Parents with children over that age need to ask themselves what their kids might already have a sketchy and incorrect knowledge of and whether exposure to such a programme can give them information that could be very important to them over the coming years.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, you can watch it yourself – as I did – and give them the website so they can peruse some of the more relevant articles for themselves.

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Under My Thumb

It’s playing on the CD as she sits there, naked and cuffed to the chair.

‘Under my thumb
The girl who once had me down
Under my thumb
The girl who once pushed me around’

He laughs proprietorially: ‘Not any more though, eh…’

His hands rubbing ice around and across her breasts as he leans over her from behind. The medals on his white uniform, cold and hard, digging into her shoulders as his weight holds her shivering body down. Observing the pink nipples stiffen and protrude, the goosebumps erupting on her flesh.

‘I think it applies, don’t you?,’ he breathes into her ear whilst his strong fingers squeeze the proffered buds and he starts to sing along.

‘A siamese cat of a girl
Under my thumb
Shes the sweetest, hmmm, pet in the world’

The crisp fabric of that white uniform brushing her shoulder, medals scraping her cheek, whispering into her hair: ‘her eyes are just kept to herself’.

He walks in front of her, straddling her lap, cock bulging through the tight white pants. Dragging her chin upwards with his fingers so that she cannot keep her gaze down, forcing her to look at the effect her predicament has had, despite his apparent indifference.

‘I think I’d like to undo those cuffs and bend you over this chair and slide my fingers into your juicy cunt from behind. Unzip and hear you moan that you want me to take you.’

‘You want me to ask for it? But surely you’re in such a dominant position…?’

Mick Jagger answers the question for him:

‘It’s down to me, the way she talks when she’s spoken to
Down to me, the change has come
She’s under my thumb’

‘You know I’m going to fuck you but you’re going to beg me to hurt you. Plead with me to punish your cunt.’

‘Ah, one of the ‘c’ words. Are you asking me to use that particular ‘c’ word?’

‘Yes…use the fucking word. Prove you’re my English bitch… my slut. Use it!’

She sighs resignedly and in her clipped British accent hisses:

‘I need something in… my… cunt…’

It’s not enough. He senses the latent defiance, releases one arm and drags her around the back of the chair, driving her head downwards with one hand as the other forces its way into her, spreading the fingers until she’s gasping at the orgasm that rips through her.

Letting go of her head, he spanks his palm roughly and repeatedly across the exposed cheeks all the while singing along to the last vestiges of the song:

‘She’s under my thumb
Say, it’s alright.

Take it easy babe
Take it easy babe
Feels alright
Take it, take it easy babe’

Her breath is coming in great sobbing gasps as his fingers drive deeper inside her. She can feel his cock throbbing through his trousers against the bare raw skin but for the misdemeanour he will most definitely make her wait. Make her beg.

He needs to hear her ask for it – in spite of herself… and they both know it. It is the culmination of their courting. The finale to their foreplay.

But it takes a while for her to recover from the assault to even be able to speak. The words come, slowly at first, but gathering momentum. Regaining her confidence:

‘I want to just reverse back and impale myself on you. Bounce up and down on that big hard American cock. Own it. Right now it belongs to me. Mine. Every pulsating inch of it.’

It is more than enough to satisfy his pride. Dragging at his fly, spreading the lips of her cunt wide open and spearing into her, ploughing, pillaging, grunting.

‘Tell me to fuck you harder. And then say it. Say the word… Come for me and say the word!’

His hands are on her hips, urgently yanking her down onto him. Piling into her harder and harder.

Her shrieks encourage him onwards: ‘Fuck me, fuck me, hurt me! I am your whore… your bitch… all the things you have made me.’

And as her taut, quivering body clenches tightly around him, she screams it. The most important ‘C’ word. His name.

The acknowledgement of his possession via that single, longed for syllable drags out his semen in great shuddering spasms and just before he collapses onto her, she hears him whisper: ‘My very own slut, the one I cherish.’

There it was, another ‘c’ word. Carefully chosen to avoid one more open to misinterpretation. To go with the many that already defined them.

He was the man who would force his way into her life and fuck her mind, before reclaiming their connection in a conflagration of all-consuming, commitment-free passion and then disappear again just as suddenly.

He confused the hell out of her.

And that seemed to be just how he liked it…

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Movie Clip Wednesday – Person With Whom You’d Most Like To Do a Rom/Com

MCM has chosen this week’s theme of Person With Whom You’d Most Like To Do a Rom/Com… well, actually he worded it rather differently :)

You see I could have gone with Billy Crystal, because he’s cute and funny but he can be a bit smug. Or any one of the hunks of gorgeousness who normally frequent this genre – Mel, Johnny, Russell, Jude, Hugh, et al. But, whilst they’re all fabulous on the eye, they’re also a bit lightweight when it comes to true comedy and I bet they’re hard work on set and you’d have to fight them for make-up time. So for me, it was easy. A handsome comedian who can make me wilt at the knees just with the power of his words.

No question.

Billy Connolly!

Still ringing my bells and making me laugh…

He even has the same crush…

And he can act too…

"MovieClip Wednesday"

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In my search for a replacement for the glass dildo that broke into two pieces when I dropped it in the sink, I was sent the Zodiac by the lovely Chris at Bondara.

It’s a glass dildo that doubles as a vibrator because it has a vibrating bullet that you insert into a small socket at the base. This means that you can use it with or without vibration.

As I knelt on the bed, my torso supported by lots of pillows, Ruf tied my hands and secured them to the top of the bed above my head. It became clear that he wanted to be in charge of the experiment.

So he placed the Zodiac, complete with its vibrating bullet insert, into my pussy. It’s a bit too slender to really fill a girl, but the vibrations were very pleasant. Add that to the ridges along its length and the hooked end which really hits the spot and you have something rather different to the norm but very interesting nonetheless.

Pressing the Lelo Gigi to my clit to add to the vibrations, because he knows that I prefer dual stimulation, he settled down to enjoy the squeals. However, before long, he wanted to get in on the action and proceeded to plug the final orifice with his own erection until he got the crescendo that he sought.

Some time later, with my released, but still taped, hands holding convulsively to the Gigi, Ruf removed the vibrating bullet from its little slot at the end and proceeded to fuck my arse vigorously with the glass shaft of the Zodiac. The curved end has the most amazing effect, pushing through the intervening fleshy walls towards my gspot as the Gigi gave reciprocal pressure from the other side. I was desperate to squirt. All the signs were there, the desire to press down and wee but I just couldn’t quite make it happen.

All in all, even though it is not as ‘filling’ as the one I broke, the hook at the end and the vibrating aspect means that this multi-tasker has the makings of a winner. It has certainly become a staple of our toybox.

And, best of all, it’s currently on special offer at more than 50% off!

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Having my cake and eating it too

So many people have asked me why I don’t do something about my situation. Why don’t I leave my Husband? Why don’t I get my own place? Why don’t I take the children to live with Ruf?

My reply to them is: But what possible benefit could any individual from this family unit get from embracing one of those options? From a purely selfish point of view, yes, I would be gaining my independence from my Husband, who is hardly a tyrant, but I would be exchanging it for the far more savage rule of having to work to try to make ends meet and provide a second comfortable home for my children. So, in effect, I would be losing my independence.

Right from the start, I have always said that I will never leave my children. My own mother deserted us when I was 17, leaving me to deal with a father close to alcoholism and a younger sister, going through the tough teenage years which suddenly became so much worse without a stable family life. Admittedly, they had been arguing for a long time so things were not that secure and we had just moved house away from everything we had grown up with. Things were very tough. I am pretty sure that these difficult times played a crucial role in my insecurity and eventually developing anorexia. I don’t blame anyone, it was just the way that I dealt with it. I refuse to put my children at risk of feeling anything less than confident in their own bodies/personalities/abilities. I try so hard to make them feel loved and cared for – this seems to be especially hard with an increasingly hormonal and prickly teenage girl, but I keep trying. I never want them to think I left them or forced their father to leave them.

Ruf has always said he doesn’t want to be a home-wrecker. From the very start, he fought our attraction to each other because I was still married. However, I will explain it to you, the way I told it to him.

My Husband and I seem to have found a way to remain relatively civil. There are very few rows. We sleep in the same bed, although we do not have any form of physical relationship in terms of sex or day to day affection. This was never discussed but has developed on its own over the last few years. I do not know how he feels about this. If he doesn’t like it, it is up to him to initiate a conversation. For 25 years, I tried to talk to him about affection and feelings until I was blue in the face and he would not accommodate my needs. I will not beg him to love me ever again.

We have a comfortable lifestyle. A nice house in a nice area with a big garden and a bedroom and computer for each child. There is enough money for them to be able to do most of the activities that they wish to try and to go on different types of holiday with the school. For me to leave my Husband or ask him to leave and finance a second home would be to wreck their comfortable, secure, settled home-life. At the moment they have unrestricted access to both parents, who love them very much and are not constantly fighting over whose turn it is to have them or who should be supervising homework or one parent having more money than the other to give treats or withholding maintenance. He does not beat me or them. He is a good, kind man who tries to love the best he can.

Ruf lives in a one-bedroom flat in the middle of a big City, nearly 200 miles away from their friends/family/security. He cannot afford to maintain my lifestyle or that of my children.

The only person who would be made happier by moving to be with him would be me.

There is no good reason for me to leave my Husband but there are so many reasons in relation to my children why I shouldn’t. And to ask him to leave the comfortable home that he has financed would be just as wrong.

To consider either option would be an act of the utmost selfishness, an abrogation of every parental responsibility that I have tried so hard to uphold… at this stage.

In a few years time, they will both be older and more independent. Hopefully, one will be finishing Uni and the other starting there. My absences during term time will not be so noticeable. I can start a slow but inexorable break away.

Of course, anything can happen in a few years and Ruf may have found someone more suitable – younger, prettier, sexier, available now, who wants to settle down and give him his own children.

Who knows what the future holds but, for now, my duty is to be with my children with just a smidgeon of selfishness to ensure that I also get a portion of what it is that makes me happy on a regular basis. You will see from the next post on this subject why I believe that my Husband will continue to collude with me in this facade.

I know it’s selfish, but I want to carry on having my cake and eating it too…

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Checklist For Moving House

"checklist-for-moving-house"1. Bag up all soft furnishings like towels and bedding – no point wasting boxes on those.

2. Wrap and box all breakables ensuring that the bases of boxes are taped to avoid unfortunate spillages.

3. Bag or box shoes/footwear.

4. Pull drawers from units and wrap in a black sack – it makes items of furniture lighter and avoids having the removal men admire your exquisite Ann Summers lingerie.

5. Set aside a special box for vibrators.

Filling this box brought back a whole host of happy memories. My toy box is actually one of the drawers under the bed and, as I sorted through to make optimal use of the space in the large carton that was to be their home for the next few days, Albert 2 (my Clone A Willy) – on being put less than carefully into his place – activated himself.

That’s when I knew that this box would be the one that would require my personal attention when it came to removals. But, more importantly, that it must go first on the day before the actual move to ensure no unfortunate and embarrassing incidents.

Particularly as the noise it made rattling away in the box was akin to an extremely loud food mixer.

There would be no explaining that away without a very red face.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again and my inbox has been full of special offers from all my lovely suppliers. So I thought I’d share a few with you to see if you are inspired to treat your loved one.

First up, we have the Valentine’s lovers sets from Ann Summers, who are offering some fabulous lingerie sets from £25 as well as an assortment of pressies, starting at £15.

At Love Honey, there is a huge range of Valentine Novelty Gifts from £1.99 – great ideas, all with free delivery.

Kinky Gifts For Couples

Spice up your Valentine’s Day at MyPleasure!
Sexy Gifts for Men, Women and Couples. Clearance items–up to 70% off!Lots of Valentine’s Goodies, with the unusual ‘Send a Postcard’ option.

Buy adult toys, games and gifts at MyPleasure.

For their Valentine’s campaign, besides the usual array of Valentine’s gifts and novelties, Xcite Books are also offering a FREE ebook.

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Vaginal Thinning Discomfort

So after my post about my problems with Menopause Sex, I suddenly remembered this product that I tested several years ago. It worked fairly well but it was all a bit messy because the upper parts of my vagina do not suffer from problems with lubrication.

I looked into moisturising creams but the main one that is recommended over here had a couple of bad reviews when, after a few weeks of daily applications, several women became aware of a bad smelling, cottage cheese like discharge. I have enough problems of my own without adding something which encourages thrush-like symptoms.

I looked into lubricating, tightening gels and, whilst the active ingredients were all natural, my problem is that my vagina is too tight, it really does not need help in that area.

I looked into oestrogen creams, but these are all synthetic and can get into the bloodstream, causing imbalances with progesterone and so usually require the latter to be taken also. The idea of fiddling around with my hormone levels leads me to think that I will be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

And then I read this article by Dr Phil Hammond, a media physician who is very well-known over here. He mentioned the product, Liquid Silk. It was not the first time during my research that I had heard this product mentioned so I investigated further.

A comment by Lily with the suggestion that I read her post about lubes came up trumps with Liquid Silk being at the top of her list of favourites.

I have placed my order and will get back to you.

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